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U.S.A. products

Old 01-07-2004, 05:41 PM
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Default RE: U.S.A. products

Here is a slap in the face for you Cougar mag and the rest of us.[:'(]

I was in Galyans the other day and they are having a 50% off sale on all of their hunting boots. I got to looking and rememberd this thread. I started looking at the labels at the Rockies, Lacross, and others. Most all, including the Rockies, were made in China. There were a couple of exceptions like Georgia boot and Danner I believe, but the Rockies and Lacross were labeled China.[:@][:@][:@]

It keeps getting better and better doesn't it.
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Old 01-07-2004, 06:17 PM
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Default RE: U.S.A. products

Bigbulls,I also noticed that when looking through the new Basspro catalog.I remembered him stating it and all I saw was imported by their name.Maybe they do have some still here but they had boots as high as $150.00 that said imported by them.Can someone really justify that,a boot that is made for probably 90% less than before but cost the same.The only explanation is greed.

I also nticed that Danner was made in the U.S.A.

Maybe we could start a thread that listed U.S.A made hunting gear.Probably wouldn't be very long.Maybe it would be better to list what is made in China.That would be a much bigger thread.

Pahunterjen,I agree and disagree with you.We still need SOME foreign competion for competitive reasons.We need some competition to keep prices in check but hey,they don't seem to be passing the savings on to us as it is so maybe your right.
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Default RE: U.S.A. products


Maybe we could start a thread that listed U.S.A made hunting gear.

Great idea. I would love to know what is made here. I'll let you have the honors. I agree with your threads too. Good points.
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Default RE: U.S.A. products

.Boycotting will help if you do get 10%.Think about it,10% of 250,000,000 people is a whole bunch of people.
TFOX, I wish it were true, but I am not aware of one instance where boycotting has worked on a single product, from a single manufacturer in any industry. First, there is no product that 250,000,000 people use from one company. We are talking much, much lower numbers. The average consumer is thinking of their bottom line. Their first priority is to their family. Most will save money where they can and will not worry about supporting another company that cannot make it on it's own. It's just human nature. The problem with China imports is getting worse at a geometric rate. It's a steamroller that will only be stopped with legislation, in my opinon. Most will think your idea is noble, but will not give up their money to support it. If 90% of the people have a particular buying habit (best value), then that is what will dominate the industry.

Then there is also a group of people who sincerely believe that the US is better off inventing the products and the companies and then letting third world countries supply the labor. Their reasoning is that the higher paying and better jobs are not on the manufacturing floor, and the profits are brought back to the U.S.. In addition, they say that Americans will not have to earn as much, if product prices are kept low. I am aware of several additonal arguments, but the point is, that it's not as clear cut as many would like to think.

There are good arguments on both sides, and I'm certainly not smart enough to know which side is correct. I do know that it is a tough situation and that most people will take up sides with the group they think they'll benefit the most from. Like others have suggested, money is the bottom line, and that is the case no matter which side of the argument you happen to be on.
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Default RE: U.S.A. products


250,000,000 is how many people are in the U.S. and if 10% of those people quit buying foreign products then yes,politicians and big buisness will stand up and take note but you are right,that isn't going to happen.(not really possible)That is why we need to stir the pot and get as many people as possible to take notice.Remember,the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

You are right about arguments on both sides and I have stated many times that trade is necessary but needs to be fair and equall to keep some jobs here because the way it is going right now,in another 10 years there will be no labor jobs left.That would basically wipe out the middle class.All that would be left are people in retail sales and high end jobs that the majority of people just are not capable of doing.Not even with education.For example,I myself could never be a doctor.

Your point about people not needing as much money if the products are cheaper is a very good one and I agree and have realized this already BUT how then do we justify boots that cost $150.00 when it cost $5.00 to make them.(arbitrary numbers but you get the point)Too many times the savings are not being passed along and this is why we are in a downward spiral.ETRL toy tractors are made in China now and still cost as much as they did before.How about your automobile,is it cheaper even though the tooling is in many cases being made in China.Even the casting of some of the parts are made overseas at a substantial savings.

Here is another interesting tid bit I saw on a news show about a month ago,the average American made $8.70 an hour in 1973.In 2003 the average American (ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION) makes $8.40 an hour.This isn't good news for our future now is it.Those numbers because I am going off memory are not exact but are within a few cents.30 cents was the difference.

Now about that thread on American and foreign archery equipment,someone go ahead because I think most have already been worn out on my posting about it.
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