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U.S.A. products

Old 12-29-2003, 11:35 AM
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Default RE: U.S.A. products

It is extremely hard, in these times, to differentiate between foriegn and domestic products. I work for a large "American" manufacturer, and most of the components that go into the "American" product come from overseas. The American car you drive-all of them- have their drive trains made in Mexico, the electric systems in your American car come from Japan. It's hard to get away from anymore, it's so intermingled that it isn't funny.
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Default RE: U.S.A. products

No hard feelings BSB. And yeah, your right it does suck that nearly everything we buy is at least partly made over seas. As Americans we need to wake up and realize that we need to get on par with China, Japan and so on. We can't expect to compete with these countries if our stuff costs more or does not have the quality that an over seas product has.

Take steel for instance. Japan for the most part produces better and less expensive steel than America does simply because we, for the most part, still use fire to control the temperature of the melted steel and Japan uses electricity to control the temperature of their steel. Their method costs less and it produces better steel because they can more precisely control the temperatures of the steel. We will sit here and grype about how Amaricans will not buy American steel then say that it costs too much to convert to electricity so we shoot ourselves in the foot.

I bought some stainless steel dog bowls for my dogs and when I got home I noticed that they were made in India. Now explain to me how in the world that India can produce these dog bowls and import them into this country for less money than we can simply produce them. See above!!!

We need to pick it up. As Americans, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Look at our politicians too. Read the AZ import tax bill about Easton arrows.
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Default RE: U.S.A. products

i agree 100% with bigbulls, i am going to buy the best quality that my money can get me. im not going to buy inferior products to keep an economy going . i am a bussiness man in the service sector . if i am not good at my specialty do you think i can keep my customer base by pleading ,but i have to feed my children . nooooo wayyyyyy.
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Old 12-29-2003, 05:32 PM
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Default RE: U.S.A. products

Yeah... buy a Chevy... made in Mexico...

Buy a Toyota... made in USA.
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Old 12-29-2003, 05:46 PM
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Default RE: U.S.A. products

As far as I'm concerned I'll never buy something not made in the USA if given a choice. Problem is there often isn't a choice.
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Default RE: U.S.A. products

Dog bowls made in Inda. Nice. How funny that we can't even make a simple dog bowl. Wow does that blow. I picked up a nice parka this season and was on the way to the counter when I realized it was made in Vietnam. Vietnam? What the world? No way. Not going to support Vietnam.

As for the steel, sad to say you're probably right. Not my area of expertise, but it sounds about right. This isn't cool though. I will continue to buy American steel no matter what.

Thing is, I am tic'd off because of the way it's going - American products not up to par, foreign goods taking our money and contributing to the selling of America, etc.... This is all part of the end times though and leads to a one world order. No stopping it I suppose.

KBacon - my GMC's drive train was made in Toledo and the truck was assembled in Flint, MI. Yes, I'm sure a portion of that truck is from foreign goods, but the majority of the money stays here, and keeps me and a lot of people collecting a pay check. No, I don't work for GM or the other big ones, but my industry is affected by foreign made goods and I like my pay check. Nuf said.
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Old 12-29-2003, 08:18 PM
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Default RE: U.S.A. products

Please 'forgive me' for intruding as a Non-American. Most times I would pass on a post of this nature. However this time I wanted to share an experience I've had--which has nothing to do with bow hunting--and maybe should not even be mentioned here. Again, please forgive me, nevertheless this could be 'food for thought'!
I am a Canadian, ( I beg you, hold back the stones for a while)--two years ago my son fell from a trapeze and broke his hand in two places, real bad and was rushed to emergency. Took a few hours to get the x-rays, blood work, etc done.
He was then booked for surgery, to be around 11 ~ 12 that night. Unfortunately at 12.30 AM the nurse came and told me they were moving my son from emerge to a room, as the surgery was cancelled until the following morning-- as the Orthopaedic & Reconstructive Surgeon had left for the night and other 'more serious' cases took precedence. I was engulf with anger, in my own country I could not get a surgeon to attend to my son in a Canadian Hospital--because of other 'more serious' cases taking precedence.

That night seemed to last forever, then the following morning my son was wheeled into the OR. My wife & I was paged to sign the documents (waiver) for surgery and anaesthetic procedure and was then briefed on the surgery by the surgeon--yes, and you guessed it---he was a NON-CANADIAN--a foreign national---and he was going to be working on my son.
Guys, it was a humbling experience--the man operated with perfection and today my son's hand is as good as new.
I would have not dared at that time to say--I want CANADIAN!!!
I wanted someone who could have helped--and that I got.
I just wanted to bring this up--for all you know, the 'life saving blood' that is intravenously administered to us sometimes may not have even come from a Canadian or American for that matter---yet it may have SAVED OUR LIVES!!!
Please again forgive me, if I have offended anyone by my post, as this was certainly NOT my INTENTION!
I have looked at things a whole lot differently since then.
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Old 12-29-2003, 11:26 PM
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Default RE: U.S.A. products

Have you tried to hunt in other countries? it all about the $$$$$

We have to look at the big picture 3-5-9 years from now, do you think for one second other countries give a S..T if we can hunt or have places to hunt or have game to hunt!!!! NO !!!! NO!!!NO!!!!
They will go with the flow and make other stuff if the demand went down.

2004 buy U.S. only and if you think it can be better call the manufacturer and b…h.
Your support will make them build better gear!
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Old 12-29-2003, 11:44 PM
Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: U.S.A. products

I agree 100%! And I'd suggest taking it a step further and boycotting any U.S. companies that move their operations to other countries for cheap labor.
The latter can be kind of tricky and takes a little investigation. Some (or most) companies will keep their corporate office in the U.S. and their operations are outside the country but they will give their U.S. address.[]
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Default RE: U.S.A. products

Ampahunter, you are not intruding. Canada, the last time I looked is a part of North America.
I always look to see where products are manufactured. I will pay a little more to have something made in Canada or USA. This not only applies to my hunting gear but all things. However, we all know not everything is made here. Maybe we should tax the products imported to our countries just as other countries do when we export. Look at the thread that was discussing the arrows and components that are not taxed the 12.4% when they are imported.
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