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I am Back!!! (with deer) - New Pics and story!!

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Default I am Back!!! (with deer) - New Pics and story!!

Hey guys,

Due to a server crash at work I have been unable to visit for a few weeks

Whats up!!!! Hope I didn' t miss much

have you been playing nice

I am trying to do this from another puter so I hope it works.

I don' t have much time now so will post a quick picture of the deer I shot yesterday. Story will followI am in the Mod Cup so I will get a score

He may go 150" I don' t know.

Hope all has been well.

Sorry guys, but I have another sig pic to drag around for 1000 posts.....LOL

Here is the Story:

First off let me quench all the rumors - Geeze guys

He was shot with my bow (by me), on Long Island New York. No cars, No guns, nothing fishy.[:-]

I had this buck less than 15 yds from me a month ago. He never offered a good shot and I had to let him pass. He came into my shooting lane and angled towards me from 40 yds to less than 15. I was at full draw and had that pin squarely on him. A risky towards angle that I very well could of made at that range but didn’t take. I beat myself up over it for a good week and decided to dedicate this season to him.

When I saw him in Late October I was tucked a good 700 yds from a field and open woods the deer used at night. I was well into a large bedding area and knew after seeing him that this was most likely his core area. I had set up that stand and two others in this area in early summer and these three stands where my best options for him. Setting up new ones in this area is out of the question during the season – just to thick.

I hunted these stands as hard as I dared for a month. Most times staying in all day because there is no good exit route out of them without the risk of bumping a deer. It was terrible, I had a few back to back all day sittings with only a squirrel sighting to bring home. What was harder was when I hunted other areas I was seeing some good deer and had good sign. I was beginning to question my sanity and my odds of ever seeing this deer again. I had blown most of the rut watching squirrels eat nuts and I was becoming a beaten hunter.

So Sun. Nov 23 finds me stuck up a tree in his bedroom again well before light. At 7:30 am the woods light up with deer. About 4 does and two small bucks pass me at 50 yds. One doe and a small buck bed down behind me about 60 yds. away. At 8:30 Am the small buck gets up and high steps out of his bed and walks of the way he came. At 8:35 the doe is up and running in circles – then I see him – head down and chasing. She runs off the other way and for some unknown reason he watches her and then starts to come straight at me. He turns to his right and is on a small trail that will lead him 25 yds right through my lane. Ten yds from the lane I draw. When he was clear I grunted him to a stop – put the pin center chest – and touched it off. In the bright morning sun I saw the arrow fly – perfect – perfect – LOW. He did the death kick – both back legs up and kicked them hard. Then he just walked off 20 yds then stood there and looked back. I was waiting for him to fall – but he just walked off. Sick to my stomach, I got down and found my arrow. Two hairs on one feather, Some very small pieces of meat on the broad head – and absolutely nothing on the shaft – nothing. No tallow – no blood and no slime.

As I surveyed the seen, I realized he branched of the 25 yd trail and was actually 32 yds when I shot. I was pissed and new I would not get him. So I backed out got my old man and went back at 1:00. To make a long story shorter – I got real lucky. Made a bad yardage mistake, hit him real low – but caught the thyrodic artery between the heart and stomach. He bleed real good for 150yds and fell dead. Seeing him lay there was one of the greatest moments I have ever had bow hunting, and my ole-man was there with me – It was just Great.

Oh – and about the laces………….Those are my scouting boots – see what real thick scrub-oak does to laces. All the hooks are torn off. Never said I was pretty

Thanks for all your responses

More pics

A better angle

After I found him

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Default RE: I am Back!!! (with deer)

AWESOME BUCK!!! Congrats.
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Default RE: I am Back!!! (with deer)

Great buck, looks to me like he will make 140! Good job.
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Default RE: I am Back!!! (with deer)

Whoah, is that a NY Buck??? Congrats!!!
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Default RE: I am Back!!! (with deer)

Way to go RA !! I may be able to look at it for 999 .........1000 is probably too much !!
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Default RE: I am Back!!! (with deer)

WOW, give us the story behind it.
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Default RE: I am Back!!! (with deer)

Rack you sorry rascal you!!! I was wondering why you haven' t been posting lately. Now I know why, you' ve been camped out in that monster buck' s bedroom for that past 2 weeks!!!!

Congrats, that is a awesome buck.
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Default RE: I am Back!!! (with deer)

I take back everything I said about you... Almost

Now where' s that drop zone review?

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Default RE: I am Back!!! (with deer)

Congrats! Awesome buck.
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Default RE: I am Back!!! (with deer)

What a great looking deer. Congrats on an excelent bow kill. He' ll look great on the dinner table, and even better on the wall!!!!!!!

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Quick Reply: I am Back!!! (with deer) - New Pics and story!!

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