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decio 05-10-2021 11:47 AM

Décio from Brazil
Hi, I'm Décio T. J. from Brazil and very interested in learning skills with the bow, even if not for hunting.

bronko22000 05-11-2021 06:44 AM

Welcome....I suggest you visit an archery shop near you and have them show you how to shoot a bow. If you've never shot a bow before you should start with light poundage as you will be using muscles you've not used in the same manner. An archery shop pro will teach you the correct form. Remember practice does not make perfect - Perfect practice makes perfect.

decio 05-11-2021 12:57 PM

Thanks for your advice.

bronko22000 05-11-2021 05:35 PM

one other thing. Check your regulations. Most areas require a minimum draw weight for big game. Also broadheads need to have a certain amount of cutting diameter.

elkman30 05-15-2021 11:01 AM

Have you looked to see if there are any archery clubs near you? An archery shop will likely know about them. That would give you a place to shoot and improve your skills.

gitoca 07-28-2021 02:14 AM

Well, you Brazilians have it in their blood, until recently they ran after wild boars with onions.

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