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ma archer 11-08-2020 02:32 PM

Deer Vs Coyote hunting percentage
do you think from a percentage standpoint of getting something hunting coyotes is more likely to yield a harvest than deer hunting?

It seems to me that you can call coyotes into you whereas deer are harder to bring in close, and it seems there is less pressure with coyotes.

mrbb 11-08-2020 03:43 PM

well I will fully disagree, in MY area;'s I hunt, calling in a coyote is not easy by any means and coyotes here seem WAY smarter than the average deer, I can get within range of a deer every time I go out if I want(I have good lands to hunt) and sure cannot say that on coyotes,ADD in there are a lot more deer than coyotes by pure numbers of them , and well, you can call in deer , done it before, but NOT my preferred way to hunt them by any means, much more productive ways to kill a deer IMO!
I know of maybe a few thousand hunters that have killed deer, but most have NOT a coyote , and have to think that shows what is easier to kill right there!!
BUT this can also be area related issue's, as I have hunted some places that had HIGH populations of coyotes and they were rather DUMB and easy to get on , but that was not a normal scenario , on coyote hunting!
so where your at matters!

Mihajlo Simsic 11-10-2020 10:32 PM

Coyotes are definitely not easy to hunt. Even with bait and especially with archery. They are everywhere yet they are extremely ellusive. Seeing a coyote during legal shooting hours is next to impossible. I'd say comparitively they are much smarter than deer.

elkman30 11-12-2020 11:50 AM

I think you're comparing apples and oranges. Way more hunters hunt deer than coyotes which is going to skew #'s right there. Deer season is much shorter so we tend to focus on deer and not coyotes. Some guys will pass on a shot at coyotes in case there's a buck around. In deer season, most hunters just aren't interested in coyotes cause they want a buck. You can usually hunt coyotes year round. It's a different style of hunting and most hunters aren't interested. Now if you get hooked on it, everything could change. It's a great way to hunt year round and most states don't have a limit.

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