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Bobcat hunting

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Default Bobcat hunting

would it be better to hunt a bobcat from a tree stand or on the ground, assuming you all ready have plenty of tree stands set up.
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I don't think you can go wrong either way but which way will you have a better view of approaching bobcats? Or shooting lanes, etc.? Are you using an e-caller, a decoy or handcalling? Each of those can potentially make a difference also.
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Originally Posted by ma archer View Post
would it be better to hunt a bobcat from a tree stand or on the ground, assuming you all ready have plenty of tree stands set up.

If you are planning to get the cat mounted or skin tanned a arrow and broad head are not the best choice.
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I have never gone out LOOKING to hoot a bob cat, but have been on countless deer hunts and had them walk into me while up in tree stands, and had I wish, I an sure I could have killed most of them!
when I used to hunt a lot of coyotes at night
using a remote controlled decoy and caller, I also used tree stands a LOT, I always figured it helped with both scent control and well, they seemed less likely to be looking up in tree;'s when sounds were on the ground at caller
where as when calling set up on the ground, I felt I was more likely to get seen, moving for a shot or just sticking out more

so my vote would be using tree stands if possible, but like you said, you might need a LOT of stands, as most predator calling I have done, was call a while, sit and wait, and more onto a new spot pretty far away and repeat!

as for shooting with a gun or bow? and pelt damage
I know countless guys that shot coyotes with archery gear and got full mounts problem free?
like anything depends on placement and what broadhead being used, reaction to things at impact too, skin can tear with a broadhead, but a bullet can also do massive dam,age from impacts and or bullets coming apart or??
a lot of pelt damage can be fixed to a point, same with picking a mount form that helps hide any damage too !
so, it is possible to use a bow for sure if thats your weapon you wish to use! IMO!

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