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DIY_guy 09-20-2019 08:59 AM

Suburban deer culling with a bow
Took a doe yesterday afternoon by my house. Im part of a nuisance deer removal program for my municipality. They supply the tags for free and we can kill bucks and does with a bow only but we cant keep the antlers. All the heads of all the deer must be turned in for CWD testing. Im picking up another tag this afternoon. 10 yard shot, 50 yard run. Woodsman broadhead. That is a very lethal head and all game animal species Ive ever taken with them Ive watched them go down in eyeshot.

This is not recreational bowhunting. This is suburban deer culling/nuisance removal. If you let bowhunters keep the antlers they will target suburban bucks when the goal is to remove does but removing both sexes is needed so killing bucks is allowed just to hit the goal numbers of deer killed. If you want to keep the antlers you must use your own personal bowhunting buck tag (we only get one bow buck tag a year)

This is a touchy subject with certain people so one has to tip toe to avoid attention and hassle from the deer lovers/anti hunters or those that do not support hunting near them. Shots are during legal hunting hours but recovery/drag out is done after dark to lessen the impacts on those opposed to this culling.

hubby11 09-23-2019 04:50 AM

My county (Fairfax, VA) has been doing this since 2002. These signs are everywhere there is a small stand of trees.

Very strict rules on who may participate. There has never been an incident. But there are still many who oppose it. Until their Range Rover hits a deer.

archeryrob 09-23-2019 05:35 AM

Originally Posted by hubby11 (Post 4361537)
But there are still many who oppose it. Until their Range Rover hits a deer.

Very true. I had a lady shake a finger at me one year "How can you kill those pretty animals!" That summer they eat all her hosta and other shrubs. Then she asked me to kill deer in her yard the next year.

I told her, I'll kill deer off your deck, but I doubt your going to get 3 houses on each side to signa waver too, becuase I need permission from every residence within 150 yards. She said "That's a stupid law." I said "You'd have agreed with it last year!"

DJfan 09-25-2019 05:20 AM

Our town is over run by mulies. We really need to do this, but the leadership, in their amazing wisdom, are going to pay the local officials to do it instead. Craziness.

DIY_guy 09-27-2019 05:09 AM

Another nuisance, antlerless suburban deer cull with my bow. Double lung pass through and 50 yard run. I used the same re-sharpened woodsman broadhead I used to take the last nuisance antlerless suburban deer cull. Ive re-sharpened it and will use it again. This is the 8th animal Ive taken with the woodsman heads (6 deer, a Russian boar and a bull elk) in the last 2 seasons. Im pleased with their performance and durability and how fast they bring down game.

DIY_guy 10-01-2019 10:19 AM

Ive been flinging broadhead tipped arrows at animals for 45+ years. Ive loved every minute until now and I have myself to blame. If I told you that killing an 8 pointer with a bow and arrow would leave you with feelings of regret, you might find it an odd statement but thatís where Im at.

The municipality where I live and the neighboring municipality have a problem with high deer numbers and the related car deer collisions and the deer damage to our suburban greenery/gardens/trees. To address this issue, both municipalities have worked with the Wisconsin DNR to enter into a deer nuisance/ag/cull program to reduce the numbers. Both municipalities have received many nuisance deer tags that allow the killing (with only a bow and arrow or a crossbow) of both does and bucks (with the emphasis on does) but the goal is to reduce all deer numbers.

The city and town provide the tags and willing volunteers need only visit their city or town hall, fill out the required paperwork, take a nuisance tag (that they can only keep for 15 days before it must be turned in for lack of use so another can have the opportunity to use it) and then hunt either their own land, the land of a friend or agreeing neighbor within the municipality nuisance area or use one of several stand sites provided in the city or town.

Any deer killed must be registered under the tagging of the nuisance/cull tag provided or the bowhunter or crosser my opt to use their own archery or crossbow deer hunting tag. Why would a volunteer use their own archery deer or crossbow deer tag? The reason being is that both bucks and does can be killed under the rules of the program BUT the antlers must be turned over to the DNR if the volunteer uses the provided Nuisance/cull tag. If a bowhunter or crosser shoots a big buck and wishes to keep the antlers, they can use their one and only, personal, WI archery or crossbow buck tag.

In week one, I took a doe, in week two I took another doe, in week three, I took an 8 point buck and immediately regretted it. I used the provided tag and the entire head/antlers is submitted to the state for CWD testing and the meat donated but Its possible that buck could have been enjoyed by some bowhunter or crosser looking for their first buck and now that opportunity is lost. I regret that.

At the same time, Im aware that the more likely future for that buck would be laying on the side of the road in front of a smashed car bumper. If I prevented a car accident Im happy but Im not thrilled about taking the opportunity from somebody that may have enjoyed themselves bowhunting or crossbowing so that was the last buck I will kill under this nuisance/cull. This has been a learning experience.

DIY_guy 10-09-2019 09:41 AM

Took suburban deer cull #4 yesterday. A nice big breeder doe. THis is the 5th deer this fall with the same woodsman broadhead. Ive already sharpened it and it back in the quiver.

Bocajnala 10-10-2019 06:33 PM

They don't go far with a hole through the heart.


DIY_guy 10-14-2019 07:33 PM

This afternoon I hunted another nuisance/ag township cull property where the homeowner has high deer numbers. I Arrived to my pop up blind at 4 pm and took this buck at 5 pm. That makes 5 deer under this nuisance cull so far. (2 bucks and 3 does) and the buck I took in Indiana.

8 yard shot. Lung punch from the ground. A short run, great blood trail. As he ran off (up hill) I could see blood spraying from both sides. 2 holes in the ribs and through the nose and mouth made for an easy blood trail. That makes 6 deer with the same woodsman broadhead.

The dead sled makes life so much easier. So does the ramp I made. Loading deer alone can be a pain if you dont create some advantages for yourself.

The back of the traveling deer hauler. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Love these woodsman heads for buck, clean kills. These suburban deer kills require a lethal head with a pass through, and short blood trails.

Re-honed and already back in the quiver.

All the deer are donated to families wanting venison. This cull reduces deer numbers and feeds families.

DIY_guy 10-21-2019 05:27 AM

Two more deer under the city deer culling. I took two more yesterday with my bow.

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