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Arrow penetration on moving targets

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Arrow penetration on moving targets

Old 04-30-2018, 07:13 AM
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Default Arrow penetration on moving targets

How much (if any) penetration is lost due to game movement at the time the arrow impacts the animal???? Deer and other game will dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge in advance of and during the arrows impact. This has the effect of changing the path and direction of the arrow shaft. This game movement applies sidewards and bending forces to an arrow shaft the wants to travel in a singular direction. Doe it result in a reduction of penetration?

If you have seen aerial, foam disks being shot with an arrow you will notice that rarely will the arrow penetrate all the way through. Is this due to the movement of the target altering the arrows intended path? Likewise we have seen video footage of game animals making fantastic, twists and turns and drops as the arrow attempts to make its way through and stories of arrows changing directions and existing parts of game animals far from where we might expect to have exited based on the point of impact. In such cases, Its not uncommon for the animal to run off with the arrow. Was this dues to energy being stripped from the arrow via a direction change?

But just how much (if any) penetration is lost due to this sudden change in forces and direction to the flight path? Can it be measured? We hoped to put these questions to the test with a target meant to change an arrows direction during impact in an effort to measure the effects on penetration.

Apply what you have seen. Formulate a hypothesis. How much (if any) penetration is lost due to the change in direction? Penetration Measurements were taken on the stationary target and then again while the target was spinning in an attempt to capture results under these two parameters.

Was penetration reduced due to the spinning target (by what percent?)

Was penetration improved due to the spinning target (by what percent?)

Was penetration unaffected by the spinning target?
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Old 04-30-2018, 04:33 PM
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In my mund the arrow should still penetrate to its full potential. This is of coarse assuming the bow is properly tuned in the first place. Now where it strikes the moving animal will effect the penetration depending on what is hit. As for the disks most times we see them shot out of the air is with a traditional bow which will have less energy than a modern compound there fore less penetration.
Tuning is the key if the arrow is fishtailing it will not transfer its energy for penetration. This is why many archers bad mouth many very good open on impact broadheads. Many use them instead of tuning which can be a chore sometimes. When done though you should be able to shoot fixed blade heads open on impact heads and field points to the same or very close to same spot. This is without moving your sights. This is just my theory and I may be wrong so I look forward to what others have to say.
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Old 05-01-2018, 05:45 AM
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discs shot in air have very little resistance do to very little weight and no ground friction so is s moot point in regards to game animals unless your shooting ducks of course---shooting a moving deer will only have an eefect if ---example--arrow is penetrating front of lung and front leg is coming forward and meets it in stride as it is exiting, this can deflect and or break an arrow !!! without bone deflection their should be no loss of penetration
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