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Best Compound bow for hunting deer

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Best Compound bow for hunting deer

Old 09-12-2017, 08:03 AM
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Arrow Best Compound bow for hunting deer

Deer hunting season is near! I just have a couple of months to prepare, and to be honest, I feel a bit embarrassed to be asking this question so late in time. Iím actually looking for a compound bow that is extremely quiet, durable and light. Iíve heard good things about the carbon bow, but itís a bit more pricey than others. But, is it a good thing to get, in terms of performance? My search result: https://hunthacks.com/best-compound-bow/
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Old 09-14-2017, 10:23 AM
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whichever one you shoot the best. Seriously.

We don't pick our bow, our bow picks us.

The best bow for me, with my draw length, weight, etc. may or may not be the best for you...I shoot a Reign 6. for me it is quiet and a tack driver.
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Old 09-15-2017, 07:20 AM
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Carbon bows do not produce better results than aluminum ones. They may be a little lighter, but only about 1/2 lb. or so. No need to spend the money for carbon.

I checked out the website you listed, and frankly they don't have a clue. Half the bows listed are either for children or maybe of Chinese manufacture. Genisis, FBA, SAS, Leader, Barnett are not suitable for hunting as shown. In fact, after 45 years in archery I've never seen nor heard of Leader, SAS, or FBA which leads me to question the validity of their knowledge.

I would suggest going to a local archery shop and looking at models from companies like PSE, Hoyt, Diamond, and others. Companies that have been around for decades and make and sell quality products.
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Old 09-15-2017, 07:30 AM
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not sure where you have a couple months to prepare, hunting season is here NOW In many places
a BOW is something that takes a lot of practice and TIME to learn to shoot well, its all about form, and good form takes time to get muscle memory to it, so you don't cause a bad hit in the field and end up just wounding game!
there are honestly TONS of great bows out there today, fast reliable and about the same noise level
the name of the game as said above is finding the ONE that fits you best that is the one you want, you will shoot it better than the rest
I wouldn;t worry so much about SOUND< NO bow today is faster than the speed of sound, so noise is going to be there for the deer to hear no matter what one you get!

get yourself to a GOOD bow shop and go TRY out as many models as you can, have a PRO get you measured and set up RIGHT
learn proper shooting form, and Practice practice practice
don't just go BUY a bow, shoot a few bulleye's and GO hunting, that's NOT the ethical way to be a bow hunter!
bow's ain;'t like guns, where once sighted in, any idiot can pick it up and shoot it
its about FORM, even slight differences can cause an arrow to hit inches off where you were aiming!

as for carbon bow's
they like all things have pro's and con's
not needed by any means, but to some there worth it
best thing I can find with them is they DON"T hold cold like aluminum, so your hands can stay a HAIR warmer in very cold temps
is that worth the much higher costs??
thats a personal deal IMO thousands of deer were and still are killed with traditional bows of wood, you DON"T need high tech, you need to put an arrow into a vital with a sharp cutting head?
its what kills, NOT material of the bow, or brand name on it!
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