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MissionCRAZE1 07-31-2015 07:49 PM

I need some broadhead advice... Please Help
Hey guys.... I currently shoot a mathews mission craze with a 26" draw and shooting 60-65#. I used to use swhacker and g5 havocs, however I am not getting any penetration. I have considered the grim reaper 1 3/8. However I am starting to think I should switch to a fixed head... I am a little worried with flight path... I am needing advice on a nice fixed broadhead for my setup. Thanks a lot guys

jag-mag 08-02-2015 09:13 AM

Wasp drones, one of the best fixed heads out there in my opinion.Accurate,awesome penetration,tough head.

rockport 08-02-2015 02:56 PM

I shoot 26" At 60lbs and have had trouble with flight with a lot of bradheads. The NAP thunderhead razor flies just like a field point for me. Some of the others that have been above average are G5 montec and slick tricks but the razor has been the best for me. The blades are off set and it really works for me and they put the hammer on deer (as most broadheads will if we do our part)

bronko22000 08-17-2015 05:01 AM

With your short draw length and poundage IMO you should stay away from mechanicals. Not sure what speed you're getting but it sounds like you don't have the KE to get a pass through with a big cut mechanical. Get a cut on contact style broadhead for deeper penetration and avoid hitting the shoulder. A good strong COC head like the Slick Trick Viper Trick is a stong broadhead and will shoot along side your field tips if your bow is properly tuned. If they don't read the threads about bow tuning or the Easton bow tuning guide.

wallhangr 08-18-2015 08:13 AM

I shoot a similar poundage and have had no trouble with getting pass-thru's with Muzzys, Thunderheads or Strykers. Have blown thru shoulders and buried them in the dirt with all three and had little trouble getting them to fly right. The one time I shot a mech I did get a pass thru, but barely.

kals 08-19-2015 02:33 PM

A lot of great advice already, figured I would give my 2c. I took a trip to Africa last year, I switched away from mechanical heads for this trip. I wanted bone splitting penetration on this once in a lifetime trip. I settled on the DirtNap gear DRT heads, razor sharp and incredibly tough. I ended up making them my all around head and have loved the switch, shot four deer with them when I got back to the good old USA. Full disclosure I am a staff shooter for them so I am one sided, although I only recently joined there staff. Good luck deciding on what head to shoot, lots of great gear out there.

bronko22000 08-19-2015 03:08 PM

I checked out your link on those DirtNap heads and they remind me a lot of the old Ben Pearson design - at least in profile.
Hard to believe their claim to be the best flying head on the market. Any minor out of tune condition and that broad profile is IMO is a combination of erratic flight circumstance. I'd stay with a more slimmer profile like Viper Tricks, Muzzy Phantoms, or Magnus Stingers.

kals 08-20-2015 04:56 AM

Any out of tune bow will have bad arrow flight with any fixed blad heads. I have been shooting them out to 100 and they stay with my abilities (not as good as some). They are not that different than the heads you named, all great heads as well. Half the fun of archery is all the great options out there and finding what you like. Lots of great products out there, all about finding what works for you.

wis_bow_huntr 08-31-2015 09:58 PM

How bout a fixed mechanical hybrid such as NAP Blood Runners, I love these broad heads and recommend them over Rage. There is no failure and are razor sharp out of the box and leave a hell of a hole.

MISwampDog 09-02-2015 04:52 PM

Get a good fixed blade. My father shoots 58 lbs with about a 28 inch draw. I cant get him away from the rage....never has a pass through. Lower poundage with shorter draw length means less kinetic energy. Mechanical heads waste a lot of energy to open. I would recommend G5 strikers, wack'em, muzzy. Try a few different brands and see what flies the best with your setup.

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