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dbllunged 11-05-2014 06:07 PM

thoughts on hit deer this evening
So I shot this buck this evening. The issue is he was slightly quartering to me and I think I may have hit him in the shoulder blade to far forward. The arrow broke off about 5 inches including the broad head but there is blood (all the way around the arrow) 10 to 12 inches up. The rain started coming down so we begin the search after about 1/2 hour after I shot. We had good red blood but there did not appear to be air bubbles. We saw the deer laying down about 60 yards in front of us and it did take off down the hill. The other thing about the particular property is the fact that it is 40 acres but about 2 acres around the house is enclosed on 3 1/2 sides with a 6 foot chain link fence. The deer went into the fenced area. I am hoping it is not able to jump that fence but I guess we will see tomorrow morning. ANY THOUGHTS?

Wisco94 11-05-2014 06:51 PM

All depends on where exactly you hit it. If he wasn't dead after half an hour you may have just clipped one lung in which case he'll be dead but after jumping him once you never know how far they'll go. But if you just hit the shoulder and nothing else, I've seen deer bleed like mad from that and you never find them and they show up on cameras again later in the season but with 5 inches of arrow in it I doubt that's the case. Hopefully he just went a little farther and laid down and will be there dead in the morning. Good luck and don't give up if you don't find it right away!

Bocajnala 11-06-2014 08:03 AM

any update?

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