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getting nocturnal bucks moving

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getting nocturnal bucks moving

Old 12-03-2013, 06:42 AM
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Sometimes I think I give them to much respect. My groundbreaking method is if they won't move in the daylight............I wait longer.

I know where they are. I hunt around them and wait.

If it works I look like a genius and if it doesn't I look like an idiot because I never hunted where he lives(just around it)

I can see tracks, I know what he is doing at night and I simply wait for him to do it during the day.

Moving closer isn't going to help at all if he just lays there until dark. Even if he gets up a few minutes before dark your likely to spook him trying to get that close.

There are all kinds of things that might work and probably have worked but the are all high risk.

Be confident and be patient. He will move, What you have to do is figure out when and where not how IMO.
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Old 12-03-2013, 07:28 AM
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Too late to do it now, since it takes a long time to execute, but one thing to try for next season:


Place a feeder in his path to his feeding area, and have it feeding enough that he takes notice, and doesn't need to pass it to the natural feed. You can then use the feeder to control when he's moving, or at least make as good of effort as possible to control it.

If he's moving in the early night, then have it feed just before he starts moving AT FIRST. Then as he gets more locked into the feeder's schedule, start setting it to go off earlier and earlier as time progresses. I've pulled deer HOURS off of their normal schedule, 30min at a time. You can pull coons to feed during the day doing this even (around here, that's who usually eats up the corn pile before the buck gets there, motivating him to move earlier).

If he's feeding in the late night/pre-morning, you can use the same trick, but don't make the feeder go off until later and later. To keep them from walking right past it if there isn't anything there, set it up for a short burst right before he'd pass through, then a longer burst 15min later, sort of like an appetizer course and a main entrée.

I've also used this technique to draw deer closer to a shooting position. Just move the feeder 30ft at a time.
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