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lifesabeach01 07-13-2013 05:26 AM

New to bowhunting
Morning everyone

Been on and off the forum for a while but just recently got into bowhunting. Ended up with a nice mathews dxt set to 70lbs with a 30" draw. Love it so far and it is addicting. Shooting carbon express mutiny and mayhem and picked up t3 mechanical broadheads before i came back to work last week so i have not been home to shoot them yet. Im already looking forward to the longer turkey and deer seasons this fall. I am also going to try and get my bear baiting permit here in nh and take a shot at this big bear my cousins been seeing around his house.

Any suggestions on arrows and broadheads for turkey deer and bear?

Any tips or tricks to hunting turkey with a bow?

Thanks and I am sure youll bee seeing alot from me


Hunt or Die 07-17-2013 05:28 AM

2.3 rage broad heads! It's like throwing an axe through them!

Wilcam47 07-17-2013 05:04 PM

Welcome and read some other threads theres a few recently about new bowhunters...Good luck!

dsotm223 07-17-2013 06:36 PM

with the set up your shooting, your pushing a fair amount of kinetic energy, enough that I'd recommend a large cut mechanical. My personal recommendations would be the grim reaper whitetail special razortips, the NAP killzone, the Swhacker, bloodrunner 2 blade, rage.
Now they all have their advantages:
The grim reaper-big three blade cut
Killzone-designed to perform on even hard angling shots, both blades will always open at the same time.
Swhacker-the main blades will be razor sharp entering vitals due to the way they deploy.
Bloodrunners-they are designed to provide at least a 1 1/16" cut even if they don't function properly, I've never had an issue with them functioning properly though.
Rage-with several companies having comparable broadheads now the only advantage I see is they are so popular you can find them almost anywhere.
What it boils down to is shoot what you like, because with your kinetic energy you can.

RJPOUTDOORS 07-18-2013 03:11 AM

Bowhunting turkeys is a blast and a challenge as they have a small kill zone and seems they never stop moving. I have learned that it is best for me to shot a large broad head I like the hammer head. I set my bow at no more than 60 lbs. this way when I do hit one the arrow stays in them which will help keep them from flying off.
Master tag targets makes a super paper like target that is great for using to get ready and they cost almost nothing., good hunting.

Bigeclipse 07-25-2013 06:54 AM

If you can afford it I would go with a couple different broadheads. For turkey, I will go with a LARGE mechanical cut like the grim reaper whitetail specials or RAGE 2+inchers. For Deer you can use your T3 mechanicals just fine or you could use the two I mentioned above. Depending on what type bear you are hunting and how large, I might suggest a fixed blade over mechanical...if you hit bone or if it is a LARGE bear you will want something with major penetration and bone crushing power. Maybe something with a trocar tip as well.

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