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Mibowhunter91 04-07-2013 09:29 AM

need a little help
Hey guys I've been planning a few bow hunting trips to Missouri since last august. I just got back from check in out a few of the places I really liked hidden hollow and big creek. I'm just really wondering how much pressure these two places get we will be bow hunting only and I understand more people will be out the first week of November but can anyone give me an idea of bow hunting pressure other times of the year thanks alot

GTOHunter 04-14-2013 09:21 AM

I'm in Southeast MO. and haven't been there to the area's You mentioned...but if its like any other Public Land or Conservation Area around here they recieve very little Hunting Pressure during Bow Season,trick is to get in pretty far where most Hunters are not going to venture in and hunt there!

Good Luck and I hope Your Hunting Experince in Missouri is a good one and You get a nice Deer!

KCMO Cityboy 04-16-2013 10:01 AM

Big Creek is Archery and Muzzleloading methods only so the pressure shouldn't be near as high as Hidden Hollow. Personally, I would stay away from public land that is hunted with firearms. Even if you are hunting earlier in the year you will be running into people that are scouting for the firearms season.

Based on my records the following conservation lands in Northeast Missouri are Archery Only: Dodd Access, Ella Ewing Lake, LaBelle Lake, McPike Access, Mound View Access, J. Thad Ray Memorial, Sears Community Lake, Shanks, Sunrise Access, Tolona Access, and Upper Mississippi - Bay Island.

The following are Archery and Muzzleloading only: Dupont Reservation, Frost Island, Griffiths Memorial, Indian Hills, Morris Prairie, and Redman.

I hope you have a great hunt when you come down here to Missouri.

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