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V8Ranger 10-11-2012 12:37 AM

NY Deer
The deer in my area seam to be moving around now... I found lots of new rubs and even finding some scrapes now. Up until yesterday there hasn't been any scrapes. Maybe now it will finally be worth going out for something other than to watch the squirrels play and catch a quick nap :D.. lol... Do you think with all the scrapes showing up that the does are coming into heat?:confused0024:

Buckyou 10-11-2012 12:46 AM

I live on Long Island, and was in my stand Tuesday when I thought someone spooked two small deer. They ran around the woods for a couple minutes. Not expecting was a spikey chasing a doe ! Definately testing his oats/ Pretty cool. Also, my brother said he also came across scrapes and rubs that were not there last week.
I here from a specialist that studies deer based on lunar cycles etc and he says to "take off the week of Nov 1 -10 because there is a cycle that doesn't normally occur ? and that deer movement should be monumental AND MAJOR RUT ACTIVITY

ferg68 10-11-2012 01:32 AM

i hunt in ny as well.rochester area the bucks are just starting to push doe around but they only do it for a few min then they go back to eating i think it will be another week or so before they are chasing hard ggod luck

Western MA Hunter 10-11-2012 04:21 AM

lots of doe activity out my way... very little buck pics / activity yet...

PREDATE 10-11-2012 06:44 PM

I walked up on a buck the other day @ 10:20am. He was just strolling through. I have'nt noticed alot of rubs yet.
I've been predicting an early rut for the past month. I won't take you back through my theory because when I first posted it, nobody seemed interested.
IMO it's too early for hot does, but the bucks will be amping up within a couple weeks.
Good hunting

Bluetickhunter 10-12-2012 03:14 AM

shot a doe in pittstown the other day that was smelling yummy and seen over 200 deer found rubs and scraps everywhere

V8Ranger 10-13-2012 01:41 AM

Originally Posted by Bluetickhunter (Post 3989813)
shot a doe in pittstown the other day that was smelling yummy and seen over 200 deer found rubs and scraps everywhere

200 deer? Im hunting in the wrong state.. I havent seen 200 deer in 20 years.. lol..

Phil from Maine 10-13-2012 02:28 AM

Yeah, I think I am hunting in the wrong place as well.. I drove along a 63 mile field just checking it out and saw only 11 does and fawns total. That was early in the morning and just before dark on my way back during some light rain. I was hoping to see a young buck at least. But notta thing when it came to any bucks at all except for a couple of stubby headed fawns. We can only hunt bucks in my area and with bow hunters and rifle season only around 30 deer get tagged in the whole county in a good year.

Treebeard 10-13-2012 04:30 AM

I drove to one of my fields yesterday just to take a look if anything was out I parked by a round bale stepped out and looked at the tree at what looked like a scrape. Walked over not only was it one but three separate scrapes and a nice rub. They were not there last weekend and the beauty is I can sit against the bail and maybe have a shot with my crossbow about 40 yards. Maybe this season can be salvaged :)

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