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bscofield 09-11-2003 04:24 PM

Carbon Blast?
What' s everyone' s opinion of Carbon Blast? I see these adds for " No Black Mess" and wonder if they' re blasting Carbon Blast (hehe... pun intended [&:]) or if it' s something else... Does Carbon Blast stain? What' s your favorite SCENT ELIMINATOR? --- not cover-up.

bscofield 09-11-2003 04:25 PM

RE: Carbon Blast?
there' s no way to get emailed with the responses after you' ve already posted is there?

SW Iowa Hunter 09-11-2003 04:29 PM

RE: Carbon Blast?
Carbon is black so there is no way to keep it from not leaving alittle discolor, I found that the closer to your clothes you sprayed it the worse it was. I also found that it washed right out so I didn' t have any problem with it.

Martin Cougar 09-12-2003 06:33 AM

RE: Carbon Blast?
I agree w/ SW - the closer you hold the bottle to your clothes - the backer it gets. If you hold it 8-10 inches away it' s not bad. I haven' t used it much but after it dried - i didn' t notice the black as much and it washed out too.

The one problem I had was that the " squirter" gets blocked up w/ carbon molecules. I ended up pouring it into another container so that I could keep using it.

Haven' t decided yet if i' ll use it this year or not.

Deleted User 09-12-2003 12:48 PM

[Deleted by Admins]

titleist_03 09-12-2003 01:05 PM

RE: Carbon Blast?
It comes out fairly black at close range. And it does get clogged very very easily. IMO its not worth the hassle.

Matt / PA 09-12-2003 05:14 PM

RE: Carbon Blast?
My favorite has always been Wildlife Research' s Scent Killer " Autumn Formula" This stuff really smells like the real thing (Don' t care for Scent Shield' s version) and I have had very good luck with it. I use it religiously.

Ok here' s a little brain teaser for does a company MAKE a scented scent killer!?[:o]:D

jasonthehunted 09-12-2003 08:03 PM

RE: Carbon Blast?
I havent tried the carbon blast simply becasue of the negative ads Ive seen on the residue. good to see some actuall user comments. Ive always used the ScentKiller with great success, although last year I used Hawglimited' s Vanishing Hunter and ScrapeJuices Odor Eliminater. had good luck with both however the ScrapeJuices squrit bottle was very convenient. One of those pump up bottles

vERN 09-12-2003 09:25 PM

RE: Carbon Blast?
I' ve used Scent Shield' s Fall Blend with good success. However, I have also used the Carbon Blast and have had excellent results with it. I have also had trouble with it clogging the spray nozzle and have to keep cleaning it with hot water. As for it staining clothes, it doesn' t seem to do too much " damage" to regular camo. But he competition did hit on a good negative adv with the blaze orange. My experience with blaze orange is that it DOES stain and it DOESN' T all wash out. However, I now do like NAVY does and put on the inside of my blaze clothes. Have had deer come in 20 yds downwind more than once. Sometimes use it in conjunction with the Fall Blend sprayed in the air and on stand, etc. It is a hassle, but I' ll keep using it.

WV Hunter 09-13-2003 06:25 AM

RE: Carbon Blast?
I' m with Rob. Scent Killer works great. I was always a little skeptical about those type of products until one day about 5 years ago, I did a test with my father in law. He dip' s skoal, copenhagen, etc...and after putting in a big dip, I sprayed some of it on his smell at all. And you know how strong that stuff smells.
I was sold, and have been using it ever since. I' ve never tried the carbon stuff, but I' m not interested in spraying a bunch of black mess all over my clothes, when scent killer is clear and flat out works.

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