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+1 on Grim Reapers
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If you are buying new O- rings for the Rage, that means you are killing animals (or the ground, trees, or grass). If they do well on animals, how hard is it to spend a few cents on O- rings? JMHO
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for the guys that use Grim Reapers.. I watched all the videos and tests and the hard angle shots on GM website. but wondering from you guys that hunt with them. how do they perform on 1/4 away shots????

thank you
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Old 08-03-2012, 09:43 AM
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Been shooting them since they have came out. Up till this past year I have not lost one animal with them. That includes deer, hogs, coyotes, bear and a near world record Catalina Ram. I have taken over 40 deer with them and all possible shots to test their prowess on all angles.
None of the deer told me that one angle was better or worse than another!!!!
Great penetration, always expanded, and after a touch up on the blades with a moon stone, they were good to go again!!! I'm cheap like that. I prefer to resharpen them and reuse and have yet to see different. I shot a doe with one this past season and I feel that I went over the near lung and took out the far one and lodged in the far shoulder socket. No exit wound. Found her several days later later in a neighbors pond, dead.
Only animal not taken home same day after the shot.
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Been shootin blood runners and love the output they give and they fly awesome
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Meat Seekers. 3-blade. Piston driven.
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Reapers all the way
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Been using the Reapers for 3 years now. Love them. I have watched every animal I've shot with one fall in sight of my tree. Only deer that I failed to get a complete pass through on was a 230 pound 11 point . Shot him as he trotted passed my tree chasing a doe and hit him a little forward dead in the center of his left shoulder. The Reaper blew through that shoulder and lodged firmly in the center of the shoulder bone of the offside shoulder. He only made it 70 yards. It required a hammer, chisel and a pair of pliers to get the Reaper out of the bone it was lodged it. The blades were a little messed up but the head itself was fine.

You asked about quartering away shots. I shot a 8 point quartering hard away from me this past season. Arrow entered just behind the last rib on the left side and exited right behind the right shoulder. My arrow was buried in the dirt and I watched the buck fall 60 yards away. No blood trailing has been needed so far with these heads but they have sure been there. Looked like something out of a Friday the 13th movie.
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Used 2 Blade Blood Runners last year. Worked very well
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