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Default Can a 40 pound compound bow kill a deer?

It's a youth model that I had long ago. I'm not a kid but I still have the bow. Just wondered if it would work.
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It might if you hit it in the perfect spot at less than 20 yards, but it would be unethical to try.
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Here in Ohio the minimum draw weight is 40 pounds. I would have to say yes it can.
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100% yes. That will blow right threw a deer hit in the ribs as long as it's not to too far. Just keep the shot close and you will be fine.
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Yep, it will work fine.
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Heck yes it would kill a deer and it certainly isn't unethical. The minimum to hunt here in Fl and AL is 35 pounds as well as Colorado to hunt elk and deer.
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Most states are 35 or 40 pound minimums. Most of us shooting 60+ are shooting rigs more appropriate for elk or bear. Yes, it will work fine.
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Yes. Minnesota is 30# if I am not mistaken. I believe you could make a clean kill with that draw weight and an arrow tipped with a soup spoon, if and I emphasize if, the shot was placed well. That's the key, shot placement not an 80 pound draw weight and Rage broadheads.
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Last hunting season my buddie shot his frist deer with a bow. 20yd's uphill with a 42 pound bow passed through both shoulder blades and you could fill the broadhead on the other side not broke through the skin. and that deer droped straigh down. and that that should anwser your question yes a 40 pound can kill a deer and the minimum amount in utah as many other states is 40lb
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Sure can buddy!
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