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what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

Two people making love 15 feet up in a tree on opening day of NYs Southern Tier shotgun season. HE saw me and waved but didn' t stop what he was doing. I slinked back into the swamp.
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

there was cows out in the pasture.there was a small doe eating wright next to one.well a cow turned around so the doe did not no what was goin on so the doe started to smell her butt. the cow raised her tail a shot some turds on her head the doe had turds all over her head. i died in the treestand by loughing.
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

I dog hunted with my grandfather and some of my cousins up until I was in my mid twenties. I was way in the middle of a large swamp and managed to kill an eight point and a six point in the same morning. Two of my cousins came in to help carry the deer out. We put them both on one pole and were taking turns carrying. At one point we had to cross a muddy area. I was on the front of the pole at that point. My feet slipped in the mud and shot out to the side. I went down face first in the mud with the pole and 200+ pounds of deer on the back of my head. I couldn' t move and my cousins were laughing so hard I almost suffocated before they could rescue me. When I came up, I looked like a tar baby! We were completely helpless for a good five minutes.

That story has been told many many times and remains one of our favorites of all time.
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

I was in Missouri for opening day of trout season this spring. Here I was, standing in a cold trout stream along with about 20 other people fishing away in the same hole. Downstream about 50 yards or so was another small group of about 5 or so. All of the sudden someone says " Holy sh--, look at that!" I look to my right and half way between us and the smaller group comes a great looking doe right out into the middle of the stream. She stops right in the middle, where the water is about 6 or 8 inches deep and moving fairly quickly, and looks up at us like we were part of the herd. She takes a quick drink, looks back up at us and as if to say " Here' s what you all can do with your fishing!" takes a huge piss right there in the stream. She then slowly walked up the other bank and moved on. We all stood there speechless!!

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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

I did not read through all of the other replies yet so I do not know if this one was mentioned....but I have had more than one hunter relieve themselves in one form or another within spitting distance of my treestand.

Maybe that deer pee/scent does more than we know....
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

I was hunting early one morning and a big eight pointer came under my stand, but I could not get a shot. He went over in a field with tall grass. A short time letter a small forked horn came by and walked out into the grass. A few minuets letter the small forked horn came running out of the field at full speed. It hit an electic fense close to my stand and turned two flips. Got up and shook itself off and took of again. I spent the whole morning braking into laughter..
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

I have read all of the posts in this forum. They are all too darn funny[&:]They really need to be recorded in a book and sold!! Maybe could do that and make a little money for the site too?? Just a thought??
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

Last fall I was in the stand and needed to pee in a bad way and didnt want to just go on the ground, so I found a ziploc bag in my pocket to go in. After I was done I laid it on a limb close by. After about a half hour I bumped the bag off the limb and it busted like a water balloon. I thought it was over for the day because of the scent all over the ground, but a while later a forkhorn came down the ridge and started to get downwind, I thought well hes gonna raise hell now, but when he smell he started to look for it. He came in to the base of my tree and started to lick the leaves and bag. He even picked the bag up in his mouth and chewed it for a little bit. It was funny to see a deer chew a bag of human piss and not even get scared. After a couple minutes he wandered away and found my drag line and trailed it out of sight the wrong way. He must have thought the woods were full of interesting smells that morning.
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

Well i have a couple of stories so i' ll do my best to make them all short. Last year when i went pig hunting with my dad and two of his friends on this private owned range (this area was HUGE). It was during the summer so as you know it does get pretty hot out here. There were lot of cow herds out there so it wasnt uncommon to see several sitting underneath trees mixed up with pigs. There was a group of cows sitting on top of a hill (we could just see over the top) so we decided to check it out. (keep in mind we were in a truck) so we went up the hill and stopped just before getting to the very top. As we got out and walked to the top to scout out the valley below, all of a sudden 4 pigs got up and ran. One smaller boar ran smack into a cow that was laying down and was trying to jump over it about 4 times before succeding. We were laughing so much that none of us got a shot off after the pigs were safely away from the cows. The cow itself wasn' t sure what was going on and was wondering what happened lol. A cow hurddling pig, who would have thought

The second story didn' t involve me because i wasnt born yet (this was bout 2 years before i was born) but my dad and another guy were duck hunting up in Northern CA. They were on little boat and in tall grass as a blind. The guy knew the area really well and my dad was there once before. Sometime during the day the guy decided to set up in a blind stand that was set up but because of the location they would have to wade in the water to get to it but forgot to tell my dad which side to jump off from the boat. He did so in a spot that was over his head (my dad is about 6' ). I wasn' t there but i could picture that in my mind of my dad literally going in over his head lol. He told me this actually about about a week ago.

Third story. My dad and I were quail hunting near a well known camping area that we go to (place called Alder Creek) and we must have walked several miles and how these people got here i' ll never know. I heard some sort of commotion going on about i' d say 40 yards from where i was so him and I went to check it out; this married couple was camping out in the middle of nowwhere and were having sex on blanket. We were both laughing so hard and i swear i have never seen a human turn as red as that lady did lol.

Last story. I was about 6 years old and my family went dove hunting at a place i dont recall now. My sister and I went back to the truck to get something to drink and i was sitting in the back on the truck. We were parked in the shade and there were several branches directly overhead from where i was. All of a sudden a dead dove literally landed in my lap, scaring the poop out of me that when i reacted the cup went flying out of my hand and hit my sister directly in the face (boy she was mad lol). Looking back at it i think the dove must have been hit earlier because there wasn' t a hunter near by to have hit it when her and i were at the truck.

Hopefully you like my stories as much as i enjoy the others
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