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what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

had a sqirrel one time run down a log and stick his face right into my doe in heat in a film canister with cotton balls. he stuck his face in it and then jumped back in the air a couple feet and ran away. potent stuff i guess!
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

My funniest story doesn' t even compare to some of the others....but I had a squirrel come really close to me in my tree, and then run away.....but he must have been confused because he did this 5 or 6 times before I got annoyed and took off my face mask and scared him away...I bet he was shocked.
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

2 or 3 years ago during the rut, I was in a tree overlooking a field. An assortment of does, yearlings and fawns (all antlerless) came out of the woods and were milling about beneath me when a buck saw them from the other end of the field and came down to check " the girls" out. None of them wanted his advances, but he apparently irritated the obvious lead doe. She tucked her ears back and put her head down and began to head butt the buck. Even though he was slightly larger, he was unaccustomed to this and finally gave up after she pushed him around enough. He left with his head hangin' . [:' (]
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

OK no rebukes for me on not wearing my safety harness please... I had one but, believe it or not it shrunk the day before opening day when I washed it... [:@]
I was climbing a tree with my stand. I have the typical climber stand: you move the footing part of the stand, secure it move the seat & arm part and repeat. Well I had chosen a tree that had an incline on it which makes climbing VERY difficult when the incline is towards you. Well, long story short, I lost my footing and there went my bottom section. As for me I had a hold of my top section pretty well. Now, how or why, I couldn' t tell you... but I just sort of lost my head (about 20ft. up or more, above a steep hill that would have been HELL to land on) and was looking up at my grip or at the tree. Seeing no solution in sight, not within range of other hunter friends... 5 mins must have gone by and I finally looked down and much to my suprise the SAFETY LINE that I had used to tie the top and bottom sections together had caught the bottom piece... and perfectly according to plan it was there dangling just within reach of my foot to reach and pull it up

wasn' t funny at the time... but looking back I think about what on earth was I spacing about and why didnt' I look down. I dangled there for so long unnecessarily!

What should we all have learned!? Tree stand safety!
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

This is like a lot of your stories, it was' nt exactely funny at the time, but loking back, I cant help but laugh.

i was 10 at the time, and it was the first time I was able to go on a hunting trip with me dad. I was so jazzed! We went out and bought me some brand new Camos, new boots, and my very own knife! I couldnt believe it! Well, after a two hour drive, and another hour setting camp up, dad gave me something to do! I got to go find firewood! The people who were camped next to us told me that they were packing it in, and once they left i could have all of their left over wood. So, a half an hour later, they were gone and I was walking back up the trail to their camp when I heard something in the brush... It sounded BIG! I ran back to camp as fast as I could hollering about a big ol bear trying to eat me. Dear ole dad grabs his bow and we slowly go back to where I was... We get about ten feet from where I was standing when I heard it and a grouse takes off. Now, back then I had never seen nor heard of a grouse, and I jumped 3 feet in the air, did a 180 and was back in camp before I knew it... Dad had to set the bow and himself down on the ground to keep from hurting either one - he was laughing too hard!
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

Last year I was guiding a pheasant hunt for a young engaged couple. It was the young lasses (short little thing) first pheasant hunt. She was trying desperately to impress her young beau. He was trying to be helpful and tell her how to do it. It was only making her more nervous.
I was trying to encourage her and tell her how good she was doing. Well, danged if she didn' t get a pheasant before he did. [:-]I was very proud of her. She was so excited. I held it up for her and very proudly put it in the back of her vest for her.
She was so excited that when we began our hunt again , after all the praise and cheering, that she didn' t notice the big hole in front of her and she fell in. She was such a short little thing we thought we lost her. The fiance and I looked over and she was gone, vanished , out of sight. (It was a tile blow out, in the field).
She was fine, and laughed so hard that it loosened her and the beau up for a great rest of the hunt.
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

There was this one time, that was really funny, and then there was this other time up north with my friend, man I' ll never forget that one, Oh yea, and then there was this time that I went hunting and stayed longer than I should of, wow the wife was really pi**ed about that, and then last year, hey, last year , you gotta hear this one, man that was funny. Well thats about it for me.
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

There ahve been many funny things involving my hunting buddies.....
but for the stuff I' ve seen while in the field, I once was watching mature doe and 2 immature deer feeding leisurly on the edge of the trail I was set up on. Along comes a small immature spike and he kept trying to weasel in on the good green grass the others were eating.....Every time he' d get his lips on the grass the doe would hoof-smack him she would hit him so hard I could hear the hollow thunk against his head and ribs. That doe was tough.....and that little buck was stupid! She must have sent him off at least 15 times in a 20 minute period. I often wonder if he wasn' t her offspring and she was letting him know it was time to move out!
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

two years ago I was using my climber to get up a rather slick popel tree. It had rained the night before and the woods were very quiet. I guess I didn' t get the bunge cord around my right foot enough and it poped off while I was hoisting the base. I was about 15 ft up at this point and now was hanging by my forarms and the base of the stand was hanging by my left foot. Try as I may I could not get that thing to latch onto the small slick tree. As I bang' ed and clanged around I looked over to my right and there is a spike buck standing there watching me intensely. He walked from one side of me to the other, stoped his foot, snorted at me, and got within 10 feet of the tree. I thought that he was going to try to grab my bow! Finally I got my foot hooked on the side of the stand and was able to reattach myself to the base. All the while the spike just stood there. Pissed I put my safety strap on the tree, hoisted my bow up, he just looked up one last time as if to say. Got' ya. and walked away.

The next weekend I was sitting by an old apple tree near a creek on some public land. As I sat into the mid day I broke out my lunch and watched the brook trout race up and down the creek. Along came some hikers about 40 yards up the creek. The creek bends right where I was sitting and there is a narrow point about 20 yards down creek that I cross to get to my stand. These guys must not have been familiar with the area and were decked out in some very Posh hiking gear. Full packs, boots, fleece, walking sticks, etc. Where they came out was a fence line across the creek. It was only about 20' across they must have assumed that being the svelt, decked out, dudes that they were they could cross the fence and make it to the other side. The first guy starts to cross the wire holding the top while standing on the bottom. He makes it into the middle and then his feet start to get into the creek a little bit but he makes it across with little more than some wet leather on his boots. The second guy decides that he is going to use the middle strand of wire so that his boots don' t get wet. He starts across and as he gets to the middle his body starts falling back. The weight of the pack was pulling him back and his feet were pushed out in front of him. So now he is stuck hanging there in mid air. He gives one giant lurch and flips him self forward now hanging in the exact oposite direction He takes his feet off the wire and tries to catch the bottom wire but he must have had enough and falls into the creek. To his surprise he is only up to his shins in water! You could see the relief on his face. He turns takes one step and falls face first into the channel of the creek. His buddy is roaring laughing on the bank. So Polo, soaked, climbs out of the creek cussing a blue streak. After a few min Polo cracks a smile, empties his boots and they start out up the creek.
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

I was once duck hunting off this big point, it was muzzleloader deer opener too. A couple of hours into the hunt, a doe came crashing into the water about 20 yards away from the boat and it swam all the way across the lake. Then a fawn came and did the same thing. About 15 minutes later, these 2 guys that were walking the point with their muzzleloaders came by and asked us if we saw any deer. I said yep, them swam that way and pointed across the lake. They couldn' t believe it. Laughed alot after they left.
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Quick Reply: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

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