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rutt 10-22-2010 09:44 AM

Fat 6 pt. shows again
Went out this morning to try and deflate this fat 6 pt I've been after.Didn't see anything.Also got a nice video clip of it by my stand yesterday at 0754 hrs.... of course I wasn't there.It was the first daytime trail camera footage that I've got of this buck.Hope it becomes more regular.

MISwampDog 10-22-2010 10:21 AM

I would love to have that buck. Keep after him.

lovethebigguns 10-22-2010 12:26 PM

I couldn't agree more! I'd love to take a whack at him! Keep up posted!!

IOWABUCKHUNTR 10-22-2010 01:42 PM

Good luck! Get those genes outta the pool!

reds10ss 10-22-2010 02:36 PM

thats an old warrior

hatchet jack 10-22-2010 05:49 PM

Man that deer has a big body!!! Hope you get a poke at him. Good Luck!!!

Hatchet Jack

trophy_Hunter_22 10-22-2010 05:56 PM

good luck to you...he kinda looks like the beast of a 7pt i was after last year.

demoIL 10-23-2010 01:33 PM

Ya my brother poked a 7 pt that was about 5 1/2 a couple years ago. A good gene to get out I guess, but any mature buck is a trophy no matter rack size.. Good Luck!

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