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HoytMT2332 10-15-2010 04:05 PM

climber help.
Today i bought a api bowhunter climbing treestand. I tryed her out today in the yard. The only problem i'm having is figuring out how the heck to properly set up that safety harness. I climbed today without it but only to about 8 feet. No way i'll hunt without one so tommorow, i'll stick to the set ups i ha. I really wanna figure this thing out, because i'm sure being 15 feet up a tree will help my success rate some. I thought i would be nervous up there but the stand is very stable with a large platform. Very comfortable seat too. I just can't figure out the stinking racing harness that came with it. Any input would be appreciated. It seems to me like its to big, but i think i could be doing something wrong. A link to some decent directions would be awesome. The ones provided might as well be in spanish. Thanks Matt

sprintflyer 10-16-2010 05:58 AM

I have an API but it's so old it came with a belt in place of a harness. Look online a g00gle search and click "images" for picks of people wearing them. What brand of harness is it?

NYBowCouple 10-16-2010 01:17 PM

Go and buy a safety harness vest. The safety harnesses that come with climbing stands (in my opinion) and not the easiest to put on and use... They run anywhere from $60-$140 in most places... They are much easier to put on in the morning when its pitch black !!

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