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flhunter91 09-29-2010 01:13 PM

Building Bow Strength?
Hey I am a new Bow hunter. I am a freshman in college. I am not weak but I am not used to pulling a bow back. What are some good ways to pull a bow back. My bow is from 60-70# draw weight. Thanks for any help.

blakefrautschi 09-29-2010 01:14 PM

just do it a few times every day... just like regular weight training/ lifting it takes a little bit to build up the muscles.

wallhangr 09-29-2010 01:47 PM

Drawing the bow back is a good exercise, but makes for a bad day if you let go. Since you are in college I assume you have access to some type of workout equipment. A rowing machine or an eliptical (use your arms more than your legs) would work some of the muscles you should be concentrating on.

nick_bleuer76 09-29-2010 01:53 PM

Play the violin.

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