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uht oh...easier to read story..pg3

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thanx guys!! appreciate it!! i'll post a 2nd version, easier to read, after this reply....hopefully the editing sticks!

wis, hopefully soon!! things aughta heat up quick...

thanx MGH...he might not be a monster...but i can say he aint a baby either!! im proud of him...not too many bigger has came from the camp...been a couple bigger..but most are 1.5yo barely visible because the ears are bigger type bucks...AR's are really seeming to help up there..the spikes and forkies are saved..and many of them small bucks, even legal, are saved as its hard to put points on them...

and yes, the terrain up there is rugged..beautiful and breath taking..but rugged...the drag was almost all down hill...still took me about 2 was rough..but worth every sweet step. that day was the absolute peak of the fall foliage up there..when i drove home sunday the oaks were the only thing with leaves still on for the most part..the rest were leafless or were hemlocks...
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heres the story typed again....hopefully the editing sticks so its easier to read...

one of my favorite quotes from a different forum that for some reason hit me hard this season was the quote of "it only takes a second to change your season" a member made a post about a few years back...

my season was down right frustrating...first 2 sits were in my only well known spot i have faith in..2nd sit after seeing nothing, i found someones lock on with a beaten path to it..i knew that spot was WAY over hunted and had to relocate...4 other sits here at home in 4 new locations that all looked promising produced not even i sighting..oaks, corn fields, funnels, it didn't change...had a guy drive a quad under my stand chasing 4 birds dogs TWICE one evening...had another guy park 200yds away and almost surely walk right through one of the bedding areas on the other side of the corn field i was hunting..just couldnt seem to win...

kept tellin myself "hang in only takes a second to change it all" i even told a few people "it only takes a second to see a'll happen" when they asked why i kept going out and sitting in my stand for hours on end (non hunters..couldnt understand..but i tried)

decided to head to my buddies camp for a few days last week in Jefferson up there Wednesday evening, 10/21..the 2 of them were supposed to come up friday evening and hunt saturday..

Thursday morning, 10/22/09, i woke up and knew it was the best weather of the trip...i decided to head to a spot i rifle hunted the opener last season and seen about 30 deer before MY lunch time...i knew i had a hot spot when i got back to camp and everyone else only seen 1 or 2 deer..

when i climbed the mountain that morning and got to my spot, i drug a drag with my fresh estrous down the old logging road to my stand..found atleast 3 VERY freshly hit scrapes right under the tree where there was atleast 1 last year in rifle season...i sprayed some of my estrous in 2 of them and drug my drag around and hung a few wicks with Docs #7 sweet demise, and sprayed a little on the ground..couldnt find my fresh estrous so i bought that to try as it was all i could find..didnt realize what it was when i bought it, but its an attractant with vanilla in it i believe..

i was enjoying the beautiful fall day...leaves at their peak and falling like rain..wind absolutely DEAD calm...hardly EVER have such a still day..smiling hearing the dinner bell of the oaks dropping pretty hard for this late in the season knowing there arent many oaks up on that ridge...felt great about my odds..but at the same time, i didnt care if i seen a deer..there wasnt a single place id rather been..just a breath taking fall day...

i know the deer up there heat up sooner than most..thats why i wasnt afraid to run the estrous or call...ever hour or so i would hit the can a few times, then grunt and rattle a couple minutes later..

at 930 or so, i hit the can a few times and am certain i heard a deer ready but nothing showed..hmm maybe i spooked it? or maybe it was a squirrel or chipmunk?

still on alert and scanning a half hour later..i was certain it was a deer...i finally caught a slight movement between a few hemlocks and behind a bunch of saplings...DEER!! for sure! maybe 25yds away..i started shaking pretty good..i talked myself through it and calmed myself down telling myself it wasnt the first deer ive ever seen..

then it lifted its head and i seen a good rack..right at that time it slowly, kinda stiff leggedly, walked right at me and hit the old logging road i was hunting over...thats when i lost it..shaking right leg honestly shook like a dogs does when you itch that special spot..i literally had to talk myself through it and lift it up so it would quit pounding off my that point he is maybe 15yds away...LICKING the sweet demise and estrous off the ground..he was loving the stuff..

i managed to calm down some and although WELL within range, he was under saplings that still had alot of leaves..i had VERY few holes to shoot at all..i hunted it once in rifle last season and didnt realize just how thick the area would be in bow only hope was he continued right and id MAYBE get a shot..or he went left infront of me on the logging road and i would have a 2ft hole to shoot through at 5-8yds if we followed the drag to the scrapes..

as he was standing there, my phone vibrated in my pocket..hes maybe 15yds TOPS..DEAD calm morning..i thought for sure it was over..that thing sounded LOUD..i might as well screamed "look at me!!" he looked around a bit and his nose hit a saved me..again!..couldnt believe it..he then stuck his nose to the ground and hound dogged my estrous drag...

heading right to the opening infront of me right before the scrapes...i knew the hole was going to be quick and close..he walked under the saplings with the thick canopy and i hit full draw..hit my anchors and bent at the waist..he was slowly walking and hit the only opening and i didnt bother stopping him..i let it fly...

i watched the arrow fly right where i wanted that steep angle, i was aiming for the arrow to blow out the bottom of his chest...hoping to take out a lung and heart as trying for both lungs and a far side exit would never happened..the arrow struck and he buckled..

i knew i got atleast half my shaft through but i still didnt know what i hit but knew i had to clip the spine..i quickly got a 2nd sent..just as he twitched..hitting the back bone...i knew i better get a 3rd in him just to be sure..that one was pefrect..i knew he was done..
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Mauser congrats on the buck. He's a beauty. I love the part about your leg shaking. I've been there before. Great story.
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Good job and well done!!! Congratulation's!!
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Congrats and awesome story. Loved the part of your leg shaking. Been there, done that.

Great buck.
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Congrats on the buck! Nice details in the story too!
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Congrats!!! way to go on a solo hunt!!
I also hunt solo, and I made it somewhat easier buying a m.o.l.l.e system for the treestand. It has a waist strap, chest strap, and shoulder straps rated to 300lbs. I attach the backpack, bow, locks, and other gear to it.
Attached Thumbnails uht oh...easier to read story..pg3-treestand.jpg  
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Nice buck mauser, congrats!
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Great story, very nice buck. Congrats brother.

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Nice work captain, sorry so late. I think your writing is getting longer, LOL
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