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uht oh...easier to read story..pg3

Old 10-25-2009, 01:35 PM
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That's a great buck Mauser, way to go!
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Way to go, Cap'n!
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Congrats Mauser! He's a fine buck. Good job
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Originally Posted by Pa Trophy Man
Congrats dude, thats a pretty buck. I love your posts as you can feel your excitement in your words.

Congrats on the Nice buck and a great read..

Thanks for shareing..

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Congrats buddy, WTG!!!
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thanx all! appreciate it!

although he was deer #16 i believe, and 2nd bow buck, that hunt will be burnt into my was one of the more exciting hunts ive ever had...and i really never figured on getting a shot...when i got to the top of the tree and realized i had about 1 hole to shoot through in the spot i figured the deer i may see would head, i figured id have to get down at lunch time and trim the place and hunt it friday or was much thicker than i thought...but it all worked out great..he hit that 1 hole and i sent it to him..and without that cover, i would likely been busted...i still want to do some light trimming for next year...that tree is a hot spot no question about it..last year there were scrapes in the same spot...and the bedding and food is all around...alot of guys hunt the bottoms mostly mature hemlocks..i have the edge IMO...

also a sweet hunt because it was my first solo deal...from the scouting to the dragging...start to finish...

i owe alot of it to my dad..he taught me about all i know about hunting...although he doesnt bow hunt anymore..heck, i havent hunted with him since i was 15 until this year we chased spring turkeys together once..just hard to meet schedules after i started working at 15...but we always hunted "the big woods" and thats kinda where i hunt well..i can find the funnels and can put the whole puzzel together better than the small wood lots here at home...i do well at home compared to many other archers...but when i get time to put into hunting the big woods and can look at the maps, ariels, and pound the ground HARD, i can usually be in deer...i owe it to my dad..thats what i was taught..

when i struggle seeing deer in bow season, i always hear dads voice "hunt where the squirrels'll find em!" thursday was no different...some of the only oaks in the area is where i hunted..some of the only squirrels in the area were VERY active...and, the deer was there as well..

im arranging a whole wall over this buck...he deserves a spot to going to do a euro mount on him...hes also getting a special plaque of some others are on cherry slabs...i want something different for this one...maybe an old piece of weathered barn wood or something...we'll see what i can come up with...but he will forever hold a spot in my heart and on my wall...i know he may not be much or a shooter to many of you, but for where i hunt, hes a good one..

just hope SOMEONE else at my buddies camp kills a buck this rifle season! 2 years ago i killed my first bow buck up there and noone from camp even seen a legal buck let alone killed hopefully they do alright up there this rifle season so im not labeled a jinx and told i cant go up and bow hunt anymore lol...
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congrats! can definitely hear the excitement in your posts and that was a great read. Enjoyed the whole story and that is a real good buck!
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Congrats on a great buck, and what a story!
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WOOHHOOO Way to take one for the team! Whens it gonna be my turn??
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Awesome Mauser! I actually stumbled upon your entry in the scorecard, and then found this thread. Good read, and that looks like some real mountain terrain there. That's a good buck anywhere in PA let alone the big woods. Congrats bud!
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