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I hate to even ask, but....

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This thread is pretty good....especially for a little comedy relief

As far as rivers go. There are a myriad of them that run in all compass directions. Remember, rivers run downhill (meaning your back is next to the't have anything to do with north, south, east, or west
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I am shocked this thread is still here..

Off topic, I know there are many rivers in the world that run in all directions. But they follow their natural topography. I am sure that the Nile "Breaks" the rules as far as rivers go. And runs in the opposite direction that it "should".. if that makes sense..
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Originally Posted by Muliefever
.. if that makes sense..
it doesn't.

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This thread is commical

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You are looking Upwind.
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Originally Posted by NY Bowhunter
Another thing to consider is Burdock will only grow to the west of a maple tree and always to the south of poplars.
Exactly right and I bet very few people on this sight can explain this phenomenon. It has to do with which side of the tree has the most bark. Anyone?
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Originally Posted by appleater25
I think the possible reason for these directions would be that most mature bucks will circle until they are approaching the scent as it is upwind of with your directions I guess it would set you up with a shot in front of you if your introduced scent can beat out your human scent! It's the tricky thing with scents....

I think mature deer try to walk into the wind regardless of whether they have already detected a scent.

So, if you are facing into the wind, you are facing upwind. So lets say you are facing upwind and a deer it directly in front of you. Are you downwind of the deer or upwind of it? I'd guess you are downwind of it, and it is upwind of you. Correct?
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I prefer to be upwind of a fart and downwind of a deer...but that's just me.
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I can't remember. Do i walk to work or bring my lunch? Is it hotter in my house than it is in the summer? Yes, because ice cream has no bones.
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FWIW, dont worry about the wind, throw away the coon urine, never mind the sweat,no more dirt wafers, dont even think about the Off skeeter repellent apply to bare skin areas face and neck, actually, you can leave your hunting clothes on the kitchen floor for 2 days, no need to shower before the hunt, just spray on some pure vanilla extract, use it like cologne, place a few drops on the surrounding vegetation, and sit there like a ghost, a vanilla ghost that is. trust me
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