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My 09 Mule Deer

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Default My 09 Mule Deer

the pics did not show up like I wanted I apologize enjoy and i will try to post later.

This is a Rob Bowyer inspired post...thanks POORMAN

2009 Wyoming mule deer hunt

Never imagined how fast three years can pass,
It started right after Matt (matt/pa) and harvested our pronghorn in 2006. (My buck in 2006)

My 09 Mule Deer-huning-folders-021.jpg
It was his first and my 2nd. We decided right then and there that we were coming back. So I told Doug (owner Miller outfitting) and great friend, that I wanted to get a group together and come back as soon as possible. The earliest opening was 2009…….bummer. But we said ok we want an early hunt. We got the dates and flew home. Phone lines were blazing. Matt and I were contacting several friends to let them know what we were up to. It did not take very long before we had a list. OK, now to pay up. Let’s send a deposit to Doug to show we were serious.
After getting the deposits and mailing them in the anticipation begins…….fast forward nearly three years later. E-mails start for flights to see who is flying out of where so we can all meet in Gillette so Doug can gather us up and head to our home away from home for the 3 day hunt.
Months prior to our Sept. 5 arrival date. Everyone shooting bows, practicing out of ground blinds, shooting out to 50 60 yards packing the gear making sure to not exceed the 50lb max for the airlines.

Night before departure, Kiss the wife and kids good bye for I Leave at 3:30 am to catch my plane out of Pittsburgh. Statue of Franco and the “immaculate reception” in The Pitt airport.

All flights go as planned. I arrive a few days early because I am hunting Mule deer with Doug. An offer presented to me earlier in the summer from Doug, asking if I wanted to come out and try a Muley hunt. With out hesitation I said yes. Doug takes very few people and the list is long so I would be remiss if I would have said no. (Below) Diorama in Gilette Airport Campbell Co.

I arrive at Doug’s; first things first shoot the bow. Still groggy with airplane legs I break out the case and shoot at 30 and 50 yards. After 4 shots at each distance Doug and Billy are confident that I can get it done. I stack them in nearly touching shafts. I can’t wait. Doug puts me in the blind that evening.
My 09 Mule Deer-ant-target.jpg

He has pics of Several Mule deer in fields at mid day (far left deer is the one I Harvest)

First night and 1st morning go by without sightings of deer but several pronghorn and me without a buck tag.

We pull the camera and find the bucks frequenting another hole and if hind sight was in effect I would have tagged out the night before. Doug had two waterholes to put me the first evening and luck being what it is we were in the wrong one the first evening. 5 great bucks came in the other blind. FIGURES!
My 09 Mule Deer-waterhole-mulies.jpg

Without reservation Doug told me he was positive if nothing happened in the AM that we were headed to the other hole and was confident that we could get it done.
I was telling Doug it just feels like a night that I would get an opportunity. I am sure as a hunter you have had that same feeling one time or another. As time passes slowly I cannot wait til “Primetime”. I was getting shut out, not even seeing antelope. I was bugging Doug with Text messages because I was bored out of my skull…..he entertained me with a few text. Finally around 6:45 he text me from about a mile and a half away and says he sees some mule deer are up from their beds and possibly headed my way. (He was glassing for me from atop a bluff) Several minutes pass and I see nothing.
Then like the ghost that they are, BINGO! I spot them about what seems a bazillion yards away. I am watching as they move from left to right and in no hurry and heading away from me…..dang it! I say to myself as I see the light starting to fade. Then just as I feel all hope is gone one of the deer (the one in the pic starts to head my way.
My 09 Mule Deer-head-2.jpg
I can’t believe this may come together on the second night. Still in shock that the lead deer is the biggest one I start to breathe a little heavier in anticipation. I range them, 400 yards, 300 yards, 250 yards, I text Matt who is in Oregon let him know that this may happen. He can’t take it. He was to be on this rip with us but due to relocating to a new job he was unable. So I am trying to video, text, and keep it together all at the same time. What seems like hours but took only minutes the deer is feet from my blind heading to water. I swear he stared right through me as I peered through the crack. My heart is pounding out of my chest at this point. Now I don’t know if he is going right or left. What window will I shoot out of? At that point he makes a left turn and BAM coming to my window. As he clears the window I draw my bow…….now I am coming out of my skin. He steps into view just feet from my first opening. As he faces away from me the pin is settled on his rump. In my head I am pleading to the deer gods. TURN, TURN! Just then he turns to look at the other three bucks. There is my chance. Quartering away at 12 yards, the next thing I know the pin is settled I place tension on my Stan thumb trigger and PLUNK!! The arrow is through him and in the ground and he darts from the water. I look at the blind as my phone is buzzing from Matt texting me because I have not updated him in a bit. I look out the blind and see him start to go done in just 50 yards. Relieved and over come with emotion. My first Mule deer with a bow (in full velvet) is down just a short way from the blind. I text Doug and he is there shortly.
Seconds after I shoot my buck this one comes to water. I called Matt and as I am on the phone I tell him That I may have been too soon on the release once I got a better look at the second “shooter” this guy walks in and I just enjoy the moment. Just feet from the blind

Another 4x3 but a great Buck none the less

This is about the angle my buck was when I shot. (BELOW) A few photos of my buck.

In the skinning shed! Me (on right)and Doug (the outfitter, on left)

After it was all said and done everyone tagged on nice Antelopes in 1 day and a half. See robs post for his great story.

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Congrats on a great animal. Im leaving next week to try to take my first mule deer as well. To say im excited would be an understatement. Well done!
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Awesome Job man...... love the picture of the gang in the open!!
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I had pics set up after each paragraph like Rob did but when i copy it to the website the pics did not transfer the i had to add one at a time for a max of 5....what a mess i was.
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My 09 Mule Deer-mulies-field.jpg

My 09 Mule Deer-mule-frank-hni-2.jpg

My 09 Mule Deer-skin-shed.jpg

My 09 Mule Deer-waterhole-mulies.jpg

click on for larger image
pics from the article that did not display

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That is awesome, congratulations. Great pics and story.
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Congrats Fella on the Muley, nice story and pictures .
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Nice!!! I love mule deer!!!
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Congrats.....great buck and great story as well!!!
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Awesome story and pics! Congrats!!
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