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Got a 9 pointer yesterday.

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Default Got a 9 pointer yesterday.

Havent been around much but I got a decent buck last night & I'd like to share. Wrote this up last night.

You guys probably dont but alot of people think I'm nuts sitting in trees, bush's & tents trying to stick arrows in things. But I keep trying.
God watches me & sometimes has pity on me. Today was one of them days.

I went out to a blind about 1:30 this afternoon to sit till dark. Its a great spot, up against a big chunk of public unhuntable preserve land. It holds a bunch of deer.
But the snow we have is covered with 1/4" of ice so I been avoiding it because I cant get to my blind unnoticed. I went this morning at 5:30 & they were there, I could see them but not get closer than 200 yards or so.
Anyway I said screw it & crunched my way out there, hoping they would just back off for a couple hours.

My first mistake was a large Dunkin donuts coffee. About 3:30 I was ready to burst. I couldn't leave without scareing everything for a quater mile so eventually I just did my thing out the window. The wind was in my favor anyway & I do that from treestands without a thought but it bugged me in the blind. So there I am. Quite relieved I'll say, I turn around to settle back in my chair. This blind is 6'square, lotsa room for moving around.
As I'm sitting I see a deer across the field, its got antlers but I cant count points. Now I'm cursing myself, sure that he came out & looked over to see a stream coming outta the funny looking thing in the corner. But he dont look concerened. He's just acting like a deer & after a few minutes disapears into the woods of the preserve.

Often they circle thru the woods & jump the wall 15 or 20 yards from the blind to cut a corner. So about 45 minutes later I see this tiny little buck with 1" spikes coming down the trail, it jumps the wall & starts pawing the ground & nibbling twigs & crap. I'm watching the trail but am pretty convinced I spooked the other buck, the wind is still perfect tho & the little deer is clueless. If he cant smell me 30 feet away I'm thinking maybe I'm worried about nothing. Then I see something moving in the woods 50 yards or so back. Cant really make it out but the white of the snow makes movement obvious.

theres 2, I can see antlers but still cant count points or even really make out racks. Finally one moves ahead & breaks cover, four on one side & 5 on the other. I'll take it. He walks up to the wall where Jr jumped over, I'm ready, at full draw, when he hits the ground on this side he's in a world of hurt! Then he picks his nose up, "sniff, sniff" He starts looking around, musta just cought the faintest whiff because he aint scared, just confused looking. He backs away from the wall & starts walking in a circle. Ends up right across the wall. I coulda punched him in the nose he was so close, nose up, "sniff, sniff" after a couple years that was only a minute or two he turns around & jumps the wall. He did this quicker than I expected But I managed to draw & slip one behind the shoulder. He lept back over the wall & I lost him in the confusion with the other deer. Turns out there was 6 of them.
Walk out to my truck, put up my bow & grab a length of rope & head back to where I took the shot.
Nice big hunk of greyish brown fur on both sides of where he was standing. I note where the arrow went into the snow so I can get it later & start looking for blood. Ray Charles coulda tracked this one. I found him piled up about 120 yards away, just far enough to start getting nervous.

Now I think I'm done for the year. Still gotta get my boy a deer but personally I'm content.

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Default RE: Got a 9 pointer yesterday.

Congrats! Good Looking buck!... and possibly a good end to the season?
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Default RE: Got a 9 pointer yesterday.

Congratulations.. Good shootin nice deer!
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Default RE: Got a 9 pointer yesterday.

good for you buddy! nice healthy deer!
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Default RE: Got a 9 pointer yesterday.

Nice looking deer! Congrats to ya
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Default RE: Got a 9 pointer yesterday.

Nicely done! You gotta love a late season buck. Congrats on a great shot. I see the crust on top of that snow.[:@]He looks very similar to the one I killed this year.

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Default RE: Got a 9 pointer yesterday.

Congrat's great buck
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Default RE: Got a 9 pointer yesterday.

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Default RE: Got a 9 pointer yesterday.

Congrats bud, cool story and nice buck!

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Default RE: Got a 9 pointer yesterday.

Lever, fantastic deer! Way to stick it out all season, and it end in the snow....great job.
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Quick Reply: Got a 9 pointer yesterday.

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