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BuildFlyCrash 12-22-2008 09:56 AM

Seen a Bear!
Season is over for much of the country but here in N. Fla. the rut doesn't even start untill early Feburary. So I'm hunting an Archery Only area of Eglin AFB Small section of maybe 1000 acres. Ranges from a river (thick woods) on the south to High & dry, planted pines on the north.

Anyhow I was hunting up against the thick river bottom where there is a large natural clearing in front of me. Yesterday just after sunset a small buck comes out right in front at 40 or so Yards. I watch him work the lickingbranchs right in front of me for 5 minutes. (better than seeing nothing) Then I see a small Black mass behind me to the right. It's a Bear! He's poking around the bases of the pines for several minutes and moving closer. Finialy around 30 yards he must have got my wind 'couse he left in a little bit of a rush. He was just a little over 150Lbs I'm guessing. Wish I could have shot that thing but I might have been in jail today insted of writing about it from here in my nice warm office.

On the way out I call a buddy who has hunted on Eglin for years and He's never seen a bear.
Made my day and the several sits seeing nothing worth while. Sorry no photos.:(

Jgrund07/OH 12-22-2008 10:07 AM

RE: Seen a Bear!
Thats pretty cool, Ive seen bear before and it is an awesome experience.

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