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Default RE: How many deer have you killed ?

I've been hunting for 12 seasons.

Bow kills: 15
Gun: Quit counting after 20

Those numbers are stretching several states. I've hunting whitetails in PA, Iowa, Delaware, WV and MD.
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed ?

If you must list gun kills, be sure to list them seperately, thanks.
Well, since I don't have to,I won't list mine.

How many years have you been hunting ?
Since you sound like you don't want gun info, this is my second year bow hunting.

How many deer have you killed ?
Nine and counting. Seasons not over yet.
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed ?

5 Years hunting.

2 last year with a rifle

2 this year, both with a bow. (doe and a 7pt)

I'm getting better...
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed ?

I have no idea just doing some basic figuring I'd say close to 60-65 deer over the years. I've been hunting all my life but really didn't start killing deer till my teens so I'd say about 25-30 years of deer hunting. Probably about 20-25 of those were gun kills.

I just never bothered to keep count........
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed ?

I've never tried to keep track.

I wouldsay around 25 with bow and 10 with rifle.
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed ?

This is my 3rd year deer hunting and have killed 7 deer with firearms. Hope to start bow hunting next season.
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed ?

25with a bow

30with a shotgun

8 with a rifle

5 with a muzzleloader

All whitetails and all in the last 13 seasons. I did hunt a few years before I got my first deer.
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed ?

I am starting my 52nd year Bowhunting-I have never biggame hunted with a gun.
Elk-2Bulls, Wild Hogs 15 (I think), Sheep-2, Goat-1, Mule Deer 13, Black Bears 2 P&Y (could have been at least 7 more but was picky) Fallow Deer-2, Buffalo-1 Axis deer 1, Whitetail Deer over 100 (at least 60 Bucks-4 good ones) & ifI shot all that I let pass would be many more, Bull Caribou 1. Lots of small game with a bow-rabbits, squirrels, grouse,Pheasant, coons, groundhog, gophers, porkepine, snakes, frogs.
Ishot my 1st deer with a 45# Eddings recurve, wood arrow & MA-3 blade in 1958 at 35 yds. & the DOE went 30 yds. doublelunged, complete pass through. I never even thought of gun hunting after that.
I've had & am still on a great journy. 2 hogs & 1 Doe so far this year & looking to fill that Buck tag after shotgun season. Pic is Nov. 26th 2008 day b/4 Thanksgiving. I have a great wife, family, kids & friendsto be thankful for.
I have experienced many bowhunting adventures that many will only dream of.I am Blessed...Good luck fellas in your Bowhunting or Hunting journy.

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Default RE: How many deer have you killed ?

That is impressive! May you get at least another decade of good hunting in!

As for me, I have shot enough. Mostly does or cripples with a gun, mostly bucks with a bow.
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed ?

I have got 2 with a rifle both bucks and 1 with a bow also a buck. i rifle hunted for two years and bow hunted for two years now. all three of my bucks scored over 110.
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