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Bryanbowhunter 01-22-2002 08:16 PM

New Trophyridge Matrix Site?
It just came out and it has the harmonic dampeners, found on mathews bows, built in the site. u suppose to be able to insert some little things that u break and it lights up. I don't know look on thier website.

nidahoscott 01-22-2002 08:24 PM

RE: New Trophyridge Matrix Site?
dont know much about the matrix but i sure do love my flatliner extreme. i shot crosshair sights for the last 8 years and going the the flatliner it seems like i could now shoot in the dark if i wanted .

Kanga 01-22-2002 10:47 PM

RE: New Trophyridge Matrix Site?
I use the flatliner 5 pin and it is great had a small bracket made so I can put in a LED and it lights them ight up.
Also I have just fitted a hindsight to the bow the combination is great just dont aim at the same spot on the target I found out the hard way and now have a very long carbon with 2 sets of fletching. Now I use playing cards on the target I shoot 6 arrows and have 6 cards on the block one for each arrow

445 supermag 01-23-2002 03:58 AM

RE: New Trophyridge Matrix Site?
I like the looks of it but I do have one question though. Can you get smaller pins for this site. Are there options to get .019 pins. I just love these smaller pins. thanks


dhacker 01-23-2002 05:15 AM

RE: New Trophyridge Matrix Site?
I have the three (3) pin flatliner and love it. Best sight I've had.

Deleted User 01-23-2002 06:59 AM

[Deleted by Admins]

PaDavy 01-23-2002 11:07 AM

RE: New Trophyridge Matrix Site?
I'm shooting one now on my hunting bow, with 3 pins.
I shoot a Browning Mirage SX with LimbSavers, so it's hard for me to tell if the sight bracket dampeners quiet an already super quiet bow even more. But the restof it is quite nice. No need for any tools (allen wrench) for anything except a one time 3rd-axis/torque adjustment. Even the screws to mount the sight have wingnut ends on them. The glow stick is a neat addition. I had one in and it truly does give a nice illumination....not too bright like electric options. They advertise 8-10 hours I believe (though they told me on the phone likely longer) but it will gradually begin to loose intensity. Can't wait to try it in the field.

Bryanbowhunter 01-23-2002 05:17 PM

RE: New Trophyridge Matrix Site?
Is the price outrageous for this site?

SuperX 01-23-2002 09:14 PM

RE: New Trophyridge Matrix Site?
I just got a 3 pin matrix and installed it today. The pins are a good bit smaller than my old Archer's Choice and they are very bright. The sight itself is mostly plastic but it seems to be very solid inspite of that. The dampners work to some degree but I found that the bolts holding it to my bow were loosening... I took them out and put some locktight on them so we'll see. My only complaint is the color choice that is standard on the sight. The yellow pin isn't the greatest for indoor spots shooting, especially against the vegas face which has a gold center.


slinger 01-23-2002 09:47 PM

RE: New Trophyridge Matrix Site?
I am also curious about the price of the matrix??
Any Ideas?

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