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Uncle Ted

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Default RE: Uncle Ted

ORIGINAL: Schultzy


Love him or hate him, I'm glad he's on our side.
Well put!
I agree!
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Default RE: Uncle Ted

The uncle ted saga rages on. I think this is a yearly subject.
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Old 02-11-2017, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by DeerandbearhoG
Sorry fellas, but in my eyes the guy's a complete phony and a liar. I know alot of guys think he's an ambassador to the sport and supports hunter's rights, but its all a gimmick IMO. Here's why.

1) "I think people who kill wolves are punks" -Ted on OLN's top 25 greatest outdoor movies special dec 06'
2) Admits to poaching a vulture, and mounting it for a stage prop, in his book "god,guns&RnR"
3) Claims he killed a ram at 600 yds w/ a 9mm beretta pistol, in his book "god guns& RnR"
4) His show is just canned hunting garbage, and the most tackey peice of crap on ODC. Yeah canned hunts are legal and I support them, but I hardley think that makes him an "ambassador to the sport" or an authority on hunting.
5) His magazine articles are nothing more than the rambleings of a blithering madman.
6) If I donated a million $$$ to the NRA, I'd be on the board too.
7) How are you gonna call a bleach blonde, former weather girl, w/ a 10K boob job "queen of the forest"? gimme a break!
8) Hes starred in several tackey reality shows where he shamlessly portrays hunting in the goofy redneck image that hollywood always does ,just like that idiot, jeff foxworthy.
9) Says disgusting things on stage in front of kids (Ive witnessed it) and is basically an embarrasment to hunters whenever he opens his mouth on fox news, talking about guns and hunting.
10) Claims he supports the troops and US war efforts, but dodged the draft himself during the veitnam war like the chicken sh**, hypocrite he is.

If you guys wanna admire a bowhunting guitar player with a little class, may I suggest Dickie Betts (Alman Bros.)
Well worth another read.
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My sentiments on him as well,, a bombastic braggart and loudmouth he sure as Hades isn't my uncle!
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I like him as a rocker but don't agree with high fencing and I I appreciate what he does to try to help our sport even though like previously mentioned he may not always help as much as he thinks. I'm sure he means we'll but his ways and mine are different. To each his own . I think I owe the animals I pursue the respect to make the best most humane shot possible . I've shot deer on the move but don't see the need to now . God bless Ted and the rest of yall, be safe , n have fun
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I agree with Jack Ryan on his points. He may have had true hunters as friends and he tries to live off them esp. Fred Bear. Irritates me that he gives himself and wife catchy "outdoorsy names" like "queen of the forest" and he ain't my uncle for sure. Like to see him really hunt wild animals on public land once. He may spout a lot of crap but antis regard him as a nut as do I.
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Whenever he gets on public land he gets himself arrested by the Conservation officers. He is a miscreant of the highest order!
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I never liked his music and feel the same way about his hunting and TV spots.
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I take the Nuge with a grain of salt, but most of the time IMHO he does us more harm than good the way he spouts off with the "wack em and stack em" and related BS! Sometimes though he can sit down for an interview and is a completely different person that comes across as sane with many good points and can put an anti to shame. To bad he isn't that way all of the time.
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He's good at times, although 15mins of his show or maybe 20mins is ads, the other 10 or 15 mins is more talking and some hunting.

the other day I think it's a husband wife show.... hunting mule deer in sonora from a high rack truck... this monster mulie comes in, the girl can't get steady, she says she doesn't have a rear support for her shoulder....?? I'm like what does that mean?

Some of these shows are pretty soft these days, kids shooting 800yards that don't know how to adjust the scope without dad.

Can't shoot without a rear shoulder support?

Maybe I'm a lil jealous, although I don't think so, just all these people with opportunity who can't hunt, haha.

Ted does what I'd do with all that cashola, buy some land, build it up, hunt some game, have a blast. Can't wait til it happens!
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