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Oneshot7 11-20-2008 08:09 PM

Hindsight= 20/20
What a day, and no buck on the ground. I woke up in hopes of taking a birthday buck since I had never done that before and headed to the truck after getting dressed on the chilly carolina morning. Crank it up and start outta the driveway.........flat tire [:@][&o]Luckily, the spot is only bout a half mile away and I walked the rest of the way. I then head into the woods, hoping to get a glace at what would meet my criteria, a mature deer or a deer above 90 ", whichever came first. The first hour brought no action, then a little button buck came and joined me, as I watched him from the blind, he tenses up and directs his attention one way, I knew what that meant. I glance to see a nice looking rack that would meet my criteria and get the bow ready, only to glance back up and notice it twas a ROB buck. No biggie, just give him a year and he will be back to normal. I must have been hypnotized because of the bucks actions and grunting at the button head. I never got into shooting position and as he was walking out of range, I noticed he was a perfectly mature deer, nice swag in the back, fat belly, and that old mean look to him, I aged him at 4.5. I just let the first mature buck I have had in range in NC walk out of range after I had all of those shot ops. I kicked my self all the way home. That is what I go for, and I did not even capitalize [:o], someone slap some sense into me please!!!!!!

Hoytail Hunter 11-20-2008 08:18 PM

RE: Hindsight= 20/20
I don't think you should second guess yourself. The first impression is usually the right impression. The only reason I think you regret your decision is because you don't have a deer in front of you. If you had half a rack in front of you, you might second guess your second guessing.

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