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ron3775 09-18-2008 07:01 AM

Bad day shooting yesterday
For my son. We where trying to fine tune his bow. His group wasn't shooting tight enough groups. He was spread about 6 inches at 15 yards. Well after a few rounds, he got a little tired. His first shot hit the target about 2 inches low, 2nd shot hit hit a PVC joint for the target and busted into 3 pieces. His third shot, as he was pulling back, bumped his release and the arrow went flying. Lost two of his three arrows in one shooting. Now all we have is three mixed weighted arrows. If any one has a few 25 1/4" to 26" matched arrows around, any chance you would want to sell them for a good price?

Austin/WI 09-18-2008 07:16 AM

RE: Bad day shooting yesterday
I'm sure someone has something laying around to throw your way. I would love to help but all my arrows that aren't in my quiver or bow case are trash in their own rights.

Someone help the kid out! :)

davidmil 09-18-2008 07:19 AM

RE: Bad day shooting yesterday
For an obvious beginner with form or shooting problems, just go down to any place that sells arrows and buy the cheapest arrows you can get. I don't mean the little wooden oneswith the pressed on field tips, but a lower end arrow that's reasonably straight. When he gets better you can upgrade. Heck, here's a link to some aluminum arrows at Cabelas for $40 for a dozen. A shop would sell you the same quality in a half dozen and you're out only $20. tion=push&masterpathid=&navCount=1&par entType=index&parentId=cat600285&id=003320 8

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