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Old 03-09-2008, 07:09 PM
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Default Disturbing

Well, I decided to get out today and do some shed hunting and something very irritating happened to me. I stumbled across a racoon with wire wrapped around it's mid section. Looked as if it died a misarable death. Proceeded onward and found a dead button buck. Looks as if it starved. Proceeded onward while my 90# chessy was behind me. I heard some lumber busting and saw that she was tangled in what I thought was barbed wire. I starting walking, but realized that this was really bad. Went to a sprint and jumped on her back and jammed my fingers down between her neck and a cable. Got enough room to give her air and relaxed her then proceeded to remove the snare from her neck. She was so excited that she took a crap all over the place. No major damage so far. She is a bit tender where it dug in. Walked back and found that the deer did starve because it was snared and so was the racoon. Went a bit futher and I scrapped the next one that I found. Both dead animals were I am guessing 1 month old with no tracks in the snow. My father taught me how to trap when I was growing up and we NEVER left a day go by without checking our traps nor did we leave them in the woods. I am not sure yet if snares are legal in MI or if trapping is still in, but that was bigtime BS to leave snares in the woods. After seeing that mess today, I am totally against snares and trappers that don't have a clue. When I was a kid and trapped, we had to place our name and address on the traps. Good thing that this trapper didn't after the mood that I was in. My wife wants me to call the law, I was thinking about just informing the neighbors. I did speak to one guy and he's missing his cat.
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Default RE: Disturbing

Not good!! Sounds like a very irresponsible trapper. If it was I, I think I'd be calling the law. Thats really careless. My brother traps and he uses snares and does it the right way, he checks them every day. These guys should be prosecuted!!
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Old 03-09-2008, 07:18 PM
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Default RE: Disturbing

it's sad

here it's illegal to remove traps no matter what
but you have to check them every day if you have them

i would though
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Default RE: Disturbing

I'd be calling the law as well. I know snares are illegal in PA. Also, in PA the law and common sense requires all traps checked under a designated time frame. I'd be checking into all you found.
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Old 03-09-2008, 07:23 PM
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Default RE: Disturbing

i would definatley call a CO and let them know. The MI DNR does and excellent job of tracking these guys down. hope your pup does ok, good thing you reacted as fast as you did.
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Default RE: Disturbing

Sounds like a young kid got into dads snares. Whatever happened that is too bad.
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Default RE: Disturbing

I don't care if it was illegal to remove traps, but if my dog got caught in one, I would be taking every one of that sap suckers traps out to the road.
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Default RE: Disturbing

I agree with you, but I also agree with your wife! If you are really as upset as you say you are, and as I am after reading your post, you know if you want something to be done about this, you must call the authorities. They will eventually catch these people. They can keep watch better than any of us can and they can talk to more people and get more information. There is nothing you and I can do except get ourselves in trouble to. LET THEM HANDLE IT!! Good luck my friend. You know what conservation, hunting and just plain old outdoors is all about.
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Default RE: Disturbing

i would go and find each one and cut them even if that happen to my dog.[:@]
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Default RE: Disturbing

Yeah, but that has never been my MO; to call the law on anyone including my neighbors. It would certainly feel better going down there cut them in pieces and then going house to house to educate.
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