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Backtension 12-08-2007 01:50 PM


My name is Billy. I have started an on-line survey regarding deer hunting in New York State. This is my own personal survey. I am not affiliated with any groups or organizations. I believe that the New York State Department of Conservation should do similar surveys when hunters are buying their upcoming licenses. The topics that I have chosen for the survey are what I would call the “Hot Topics” that are often found being discussed, debated and most often argued on any given internet hunting forum between NY hunters. I have tried to keep my questions and answers unbiased as I do have an opinion and would rather go with what the majority of the hunters want in NYS then to think that my way is best. I have been seeing the same topics discussed, usually by the same people and neither sides ever coming to a negotiated resolution. With this survey I am giving everyone an anonymous way of giving their opinion without getting into a heated debate, majority rules. The survey is set up on an IP (Internet Provider) based format, what this does is allows one survey per house to keep from multiple entries to try to control the outcomes. Each question is tracked by votes and percentages are calculated automatically. I have giving some questions an “other” box to give the surveyor a place to insert an alternate answer. I have come up with a tentative date of 90 days from December 14, 2007. If surveys are still coming in at the end of 90 days I will continue to accept them and end at a later date. I will post the results at 30, 60 and 90 days. I will then start new surveys from the results of this one. The results will be made public and will be sent to News media, Publications, Writers, NYS DEC as well as others or anyone that contacts me and would like to use them. The reason I see a need for this is in 2006-2007 NYS sold 900,000 hunting licenses, the DEC had Cornell University do a phone survey of 400 hunters from NYS that is 0.04% of the license holders, what type of accurate information can be collected from that percentage of hunters regarding the entire state. This year license sales are down 150,000 from the same time last year, that could be a 20 MILLION dollar loss for the state and an unknown impact on local economies, where will this money be made up, where did these hunters go? It has been quoted numerous times by DEC employees that if they have overwhelming support they will make changes, I hear all the time from hunters that “changes need to be made” but I have yet to see a way for these hunters to give their overwhelming support to the DEC, I have never been surveyed by phone or mailing from the DEC, but my mother who never bought a hunting license in her life has?? This does not make sense to me.

I understand this survey may or may not make a difference for us hunters, but whatever the outcome I’ll at least know that I tried.


Thank you,


curth83 12-08-2007 04:13 PM

i jsut filled one out. hope it helps.

Gundeck 12-08-2007 04:55 PM

Survey done. Thanks for the effort regardless of the outcome.

Backtension 12-12-2007 11:50 AM


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