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bigdawgwill44 10-28-2007 09:44 PM

Martin Cheetah?
:) ANybody know anything about this bow or Martin in general?

Chasebaker 10-28-2007 10:45 PM

RE: Martin Cheetah?
the only one I'ld shoot is the Slayer

BGfisher 10-29-2007 05:29 AM

RE: Martin Cheetah?

ORIGINAL: bigdawgwill44

:) ANybody know anything about this bow or Martin in general?
What would you like to know. The specs are on Martin's website. It's good bow abeit a short one. Far shorter than I like, but that's me. The MPro cam is a very user friendly cam. Every one I've seen has been relatively quiet and shock free and has decent speed for what you get. It shares several components, such as limbs , strings, and cam with the higher end models. Biggest difference from those is the riser and axle to axle length. And of course, the price.

Martin is supposedly a wonder company to deal with should you ever need customer service. Four years and five bows I've yet to need their services.

My preference it's the Cheetah's bigger brother, the Pantera simply due to the length and the fact that I ordered mine with Nitrous X cams which are not available on the Cheetah. All in all, you get a pretty good bow for the money.

eelriver 10-29-2007 05:51 AM

RE: Martin Cheetah?
I got my first Martin bow in 1997, and it was a Cheetha. It was a serivceable bow and shot it for ten years. This year I treated myself to the new Martin Bengal which is almost identicalto theCheetha. I believe the Bengal has a slightly longer ATA. Both are great bows for the money.

Combat_Gerbil 10-30-2007 02:24 PM

RE: Martin Cheetah?
I must agree with eelriver. The Cheetah is indeed a great bow. I have no complaints about any of Martin's bows. I, am of course, biased in the subject because I am a dealer.

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