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Tagging A Deer For Your Wife, Girlfriend, Kid - Whatever?

Old 09-12-2007, 02:08 PM
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Default RE: Tagging A Deer For Your Wife, Girlfriend, Kid - Whatever?

i usely dont kill my limit because i wait for a nice one then try to usely take 2 does for every buck to keep the buck to doe ratio good. but i only killed one buck last year and 2 does. but if i ever did run out of tags and still had anouth month or so of the season left, i would get hersome tags for sure! call it what you want, i call it enjoying the rest of the season. whoever called it poaching is out of their mind.yeah its against the law, but so is speeding and not wearing your seatbeld, so is not letting your kids ride atvs if they are under 16 on sumthing 90cc+. give me a freakin break. if that makes you mad you got some issues.. let them do it their way and you do it yours. how do you know they aren't giving the meet to people to really need it, or how do you know they dont really need it?
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Old 09-12-2007, 02:12 PM
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Default RE: Tagging A Deer For Your Wife, Girlfriend, Kid - Whatever?

what is wrong with doing this if the person you taged it for wants the meat . Whats the differnce if they shoot the deer or you when it turly comes down too it. I know a familly that hunts for there meat all year and the father needs the tags from all of his familly to be able to suport them.
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Old 09-12-2007, 02:38 PM
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Default RE: Tagging A Deer For Your Wife, Girlfriend, Kid - Whatever?

i total agree with a four point per side rule for all 50 states i have hunted four years and have still not made a kill because i refuse to break the rules on my second year in ky i had the chance to take a nice 8 pointer in my back yard two days after gun season but did not because all i had was a gun that is why i now have a bow

Chucker, I'm from western minnesota (check out my location) I don't think the dnr is doing the right thing by shutting down the number of tags each hunter is allowed. Hunting parties in my area have been doing our own managing by letting the bucks grow until there worth taking. By the dnr doing this it is just going to influence hunters to take that first buck they see rather than passing and waiting for a trophy. In my area the amount of does is outrageous and they (DNR) should be allowing more anterless tags to even out the doe/buck ratio. Also, a few years ago they questioned about putting a point regulation on bucks. (Being atleast 4 points to one side. While many people I know have been pushing for this the DNR will still not put the regulation into effect.

It's hard to grow trophy bucks when the DNR is doing these types of things.
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Old 09-12-2007, 05:03 PM
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Default RE: Tagging A Deer For Your Wife, Girlfriend, Kid - Whatever?

It's not simply a matter of personal preference. Or hunting the way you want to hunt. And you can't say you're not truly hurting anything or anyone.

In Minnesota, if you aren't party hunting, using someone else's tag is illegal. You're destroying the management tactics set forth by the DNR in Minnesota, which cares enough to evaluate the deer population in a subset of small zones throughout the state so deer aren't totally wiped out by people who think they can do and kill whatever the H E Double Hockey Sticks they want because they think they know best.

Usually these people have real compelling arguments against the DNR's scientific formulas for setting bag limits. Such as "the DNR is a bunch of idiots. I want to kill more deer." Man, that's a strong argument in maintaining a healthy herd.

Also, I would agree that limited antlerless tags will lead to the killing of more bucks - and the overall quality of bucks may suffer. So trophy management may suffer too. But the DNR never claimed to be your own personal trophy management agency. What they are more worried about is giving you the chance to hunt SOME deer versus big deer at this point.

They've pretty much admitted they screwed up by allowing people to take so many deer in the past and are doing what they need to do to get the population back in order. For background for those who don't know, the screw up was that there was a loophole in the all-season license that allowed gun hunters to take only one deer total in lottery areas but archery and muzzleloader hunters to take up to three deer in a lottery area. They didn't think the impact from archery and muzzleloader would be as great as it has been, mainly to the doe population. Hence the change. And why they're trying to fix things for our benefit. So we can hunt some deer versus no deer.

On a final note, I recently corresponded with one of the Big Game division employees who said they'll be keeping a close eye on the number of deer taken this year by wives/children/in-laws and won't hesitate to pull the trigger on a statewide buck only season next year. So no does for anyone next year should too many people decide to skirt the law and lead to what the DNR views as an over harvest. In fact, page 60 of the Minnesota reg book strongly states this.

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Default RE: Tagging A Deer For Your Wife, Girlfriend, Kid - Whatever?

Here in Indiana, we call it party hunting and its illegal. Its not discussed much but you know it goes on. The shame of it is Indiana just went darn near limitless on antlerless. There is really no need to cheat the system. We are still a one buck state with any weapon. Once you have one your done for the season.

But ethics are ethics.
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