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how high?

Old 08-07-2007, 03:46 PM
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Default how high?

Just curious, how high you guys typically get in your tree stands while bowhunting?
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Default RE: how high?

For me it depends on the time of season, the individual tree, and the surrounding cover. So I guess my answer is my height varies based upon best location to conceal me/movement.
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Default RE: how high?

Somewhere around 15 feet. I am afriad of heights though[&o]. I mostly use ladder stands, but I do have a climber. The only bad thing is it needs to darn near be a perfect tree to use it. And I don't see many of those where I hunt.

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Default RE: how high?

I try for the 20 ft. level. I have a 20 ft. stick with a hang on. I also have a Summit Viper but finding trees straight enough to get up 20 ft. is tough. Just bought a Lone Wolf hang on with four sticks that ought to do it for those lone walks in.
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Default RE: how high?

Im usually sitting around 25ft depending on the tree
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Default RE: how high?

I usually go about 18-20 feet. Some guys go upward of 40 feet, for what I have no idea. The trajectory plays a big part the higher you go in your tree.
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Default RE: how high?

20 ft. My string 4 hawlin up my bow is that long. When it's taught, I'm high enough.
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Default RE: how high?

The vast majority of hunters I talk to are guilty of two things:

1) Vast over exaggeration/little or no concept of what one foot of height really is. I have had more people than I care to discuss come through work talking about how they only hunt from 45 feet up in a tree. Most trees in my part of the world ain't that tall, and the ones that are ain't thick enough to hold a man that high. 25 feet can seem like a mile when you are up there.

2) Hunting WAY too high. 25 feet might as well be a mile. I had one stand last season that I hunt 27 feet to the platform. 25 yards was dang near straight down. I'll never get that high up again... no need to.

I hunt from between 15 and 20 feet (to the platform) depending on cover. There have been plenty of deer I have arrowed from 12 feet... just gotta have the cover for it. Any lower than that, I'd rather be on the ground.
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Default RE: how high?

20-25 feet for me.
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Default RE: how high?

I go 20 to 25 feet up

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