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RDHunter 08-04-2007 08:42 PM

I'm looking for ...
Some of those pruning sheers with a saw blade that has an extended pole , does anyone here know where I can find one ?

MDBUCKHUNTER 08-04-2007 08:49 PM

RE: I'm looking for ...
Around here you can pick them up at Walmart, Target, Lowes and Home Depot.

They are a very common tool.

mwbowhunter 08-04-2007 08:53 PM

RE: I'm looking for ...
sears hardware also has a very good set and if they break you can return them cause i believe theyre craftsman ones bout 40 bucks though

ChrisAU 08-04-2007 08:58 PM

RE: I'm looking for ...
Ditto on all of the above.

Washington Hunter 08-04-2007 09:31 PM

RE: I'm looking for ...
Harbor Freight Tools; 13.99.

Picked up two pair last summer.

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