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Old 06-29-2007, 12:01 PM
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Default RE: deer driving

We will do deer drives when the hunting is really slow or it is muzzeloader season (around christmas)
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Default RE: deer driving

I have heard and read about guys doing them while bow hunting. The key from everything I've read is slow and easy. That is, it's almost like two or more guys starting at opposite ends of a property and slowly working toward one another toward the course of a day still hunting. Or one guy is one stand and the other still hunts toward him. Most accounts I've read suggest doing this toward the very end of season when the motivation to move is non-existant.
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Default RE: deer driving

I haven't even been on HNI long and what's that word, oh yeah,
"Deja Vu." There is a long post on this about a month or two ago.

The question (obnoxious statement) wasn't really in good faith.

Deer drives have a time and place, and it is still a "sport." It's certainly not a sure thing and it can be a lot of hard work and requires careful planning, and if successful a bit of excitement. I usually only participate in one (if that) a year late in the season in areas I don't plan on hunting anymore. It's a good tool to have in the hunting arsenal.
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Default RE: deer driving

I started this in bowhunting thinking ppl here would understand were im coming from, i c i was wrong . stop for a sec and think what that word means. a sporting chance. Theres no chance when the game is surrounded and that takes away the sport. [ I agree it is needed in some cases]
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Default RE: deer driving

lone wolf,

I am about 100% sure you have never participated in a deer drive with guns, much less with bows, or you wouldn't be saying that. If anything, using a bow is much more "sporting" than shotguns (the latter of which never involves "completely surrounding" a deer. Are you picturing about 100 people tightening a circle or something? Even in that instance, due to the danger of shooting other people, the game isn't truly "surrounded." It's not like you corral the deer. They are smart, they circle back, wait for you to pass and go out the back door, sometimes you don't scare them and walk by 10' away, Sometimes they run too fast or often take paths that hunters are not posted on. I just don't think you know what you are talking about.

I also think with a bow due to brush and fast moving deer that you often would not get a good(ethical) shot to take on a deer, shots that might be made with a shotgun.

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Default RE: deer driving

I hear of a lot of accidents from deer drives also.
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Default RE: deer driving

Accidents are a much more legitimate reason to not like drive, instead of the not realistic statement that "There's no chance when the game is surrounded and that takes away the sport."

I know of a bad injury from drives, and I really don't participate in many anymore (1 in last 2 years). You have to plan well (proper spacing, direction and communication), and do it with people you trust.
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Default RE: deer driving

ORIGINAL: wis_bow_huntr

You crack me up im laughing so hard I almost spit cofee all over my monitor. But on a serious note, deer drives work. In many areas sitting and waiting just dont cut it. Especially when its mild. i.e. Wisconsin 2006 Gun Deer season was so warm the deer just werent moving. We sat every day untill Thanksgiving as we always do. The it was time to get to work and make a few drives to stir the woods up a bit and get the deer on their feet. We never did see any shooter deer. It was the first year in 40 years we have went buckless on the farm during the gun season. Deer drives work and are a great tool when used correctly and done in a safe matter. Its not lazy as some may think. Its really no different than one or two guys walking around the woods looking for deer to shoot. We usually have 4 drivers and 3-4 headers. There is nothing wrong with deer drives just as there is nothing wrong with baiting within legal limits, they are both great management tools.

The thing that I dont like about driving deer isalot of peopledont think about who they might shoot (if done wrong). I hunt in Wis and alotof these guys scare me.
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Default RE: deer driving

I simply don't get some of you people. No wonder we are our own worst enemies when it comes to loosing our hunting rights and heritages.

Native Americans used deer drives to perfection to take wildlife. They even used fire to push animals in the needed directioin and we whine that drives are not sporting? ? ?

We've successfully "pushed" deer in archery seasons to tag does. Done correctly the deer will walk by naturally and even stop. Not sporting ? HA! It's harder and more sporting than taking one out of a tree...

Now I know most are complaining about the orange army yelling and screaming and chasing the deer through watchers running for their lives, to me, that's done improperly. Deer "pushes" can be very productive and exciting when done correctly.

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Default RE: deer driving

I wonder if the fact some of "your" deer get shot on drives is the real issue here
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