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What buck haunts you???

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What buck haunts you???

Old 05-16-2007, 04:32 PM
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Default RE: What buck haunts you???

BTW - Joey - forgot to say O-MY-FREAKIN'-GOD!!!!!!! That's an absolute monster buck man! Kill him this year man!
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Old 05-16-2007, 04:33 PM
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Default RE: What buck haunts you???

Joey, I don't think I've ever seen the likes of those MASSIVE antlers, they're incredible! Very lucky find, and both sides no less. You da man.
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Old 05-16-2007, 05:07 PM
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Default RE: What buck haunts you???

I have 2 stories, The first is abouta buck that haunted my dad and his buddies in the 80's. My dad lived and still lives in the small town of Chatham, and for most of the early 80's a big buck named Bullwinkle haunted the woods. He had a peice of his front right hoof missing and his rack was large and completely typicle. Nobody ever got an extemely close look at him (before trail cams!) but many people shot at him. My dad shot at him and missed on the very first time he ever went deer hunting, and he only saw him once after that.Bullwinkles biggest legend was whena group of huntersdid a push and he bedded down in a small 1 acre thicket in the middle of a big feild. 10 different hunters went into the brush from all sides and he still managed to escape unharmed. Another legend of bullwinkle was when my dad was driving down the road one night and stopped to help a car that was stopped on the side of the road. The driver told my dad that a massive buck had jumped over the hood of his car. My dad still doesnt beleive the story but i guess that it is possible. Nobody ever shot bullwinkle and no body back then looked for sheds or anything like that. His body was also never found.

My second story is about the current monster buck that haunts Chatham (Bullwinkle II). I firstlearned of his excistance in 2003 when he was only a 9 point. The following year his rack jumped up to an 11 point (deer cam picture both times). In 2005 a local bowhunter shot and wounded him, but the body was never found. Last year,I got 1 picture of him, and he wasa 13 point. The pictures are posted onthis website somewhere. Anyways during deer season my buddies dad saw him twice ata far distance.The only way we can tell its him is becouse his right brow tine forks. This springIgot some pictures of a nice buck that is already at his ears thatI think might be Bullwinkle II, but i have to waitand see if his rack forks out later in thesummer.
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Old 05-16-2007, 05:32 PM
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Default RE: What buck haunts you???

Well two do

Number one: HUnting one the edge of an alfalfa feild waiting on a 130s class 6 point ( really didnt want to kill em i didnt want to go to illinois for a six point but i wouldve shot him) and i am messing with some bucks in the feild with a grunt ( you would have laughed at me if you would have heard me) and i hear a deer charging up from behind me and all i see is a nice rack coming toward me. i draw good and stiop him perfectly with a mouth grunt at an 15 yard chip shot. i can see him plain as day right now. perfect 10 pointer with a bone white tall rack and good mass. I didnt rush and stteled in and let er fly. I see it hit oh no not the shoulder blade. only about 3 inches of penetration. A long search reveals nothing but the guy that runs the lodge said he saw him before and he was definetly a shooter.[:@]

The next one is a local buck ive seen twice and i know he is about a 4 year old with split brows and a small kicker off of his g2 or g3. I had him at 50 yards in bushes and a doe blew me out then i had him within 30 but it was dark and i couldnt see him through my scope that time and didnt want to wound him. ALso saw a really dark wide racked deer right there but he was outta range at the bottom of the ridge. I know hes still alive if he doesnt get hit by a car.

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Old 05-16-2007, 05:43 PM
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Default RE: What buck haunts you???

I had shot my deer during archery season last year, and then took my son on his first rifle hunt ever. He had missed his first deer roughly guessing it was a 14 pointer with a long drop. Then on his last day he missed another, I couldn't make the rack out very good as he was to far away. The size of him was hugh, about the size of 3 does as a big doe was with him. I told my son I can't wait to find him with the bow. I look forward to hunting him this fall.
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Old 05-16-2007, 06:05 PM
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Default RE: What buck haunts you???

The buck that haunts me the most is from 3 yrs ago.He was a big non typical.It was early november on a farm I was hunting.The farmer saw him all summer and said he was big.I never did he see him when i glassed the fields.But that Nov. afternoon i saw him and was trailing a doe that came through earlier.He was grunting and and looked like a bird dog in the woods.I knew he would come 15 yds from me if he stayed the same route.But he went to my right and lost her sent in the water .Then went behind some very small sapilings I drew back put the pin right behind his shoulder and couldn t shoot .There were small twiggs over his vitals.Then he turned and walked behind the tree i let down and redrew on the other side of the tree.But he was standing 15yds facing away with nothing but a spine shot.I didn t want to take a spine shot so i let him walk.I don t know how he held his head up with that rack.But i did shoot a nice non typical this year that scored 173 7/8.Those little twigs will get you every time...He was bigger then the deer i shot this year..Then the amish started hunting that property and haven t seen any thing big there since....
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Old 05-16-2007, 06:41 PM
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Default RE: What buck haunts you???

A 22" 10 that showed himself to me in '02 while in the stand. I had him coming to my calls and dedicated until a smaller buck stepped out and pulled him away. I didn't fill a tag specifically hunting that buck that year as well as the 03 season passing every buck and some good ones because I knew from a local farmer he was still there. In 04 nobody saw him and I resumed my quest for my "best" buck etc and shot that 3.5 year old broken rack for the 04 Bowhunting Contest. I still think about that buck and wonder. He was never heard from as far as I know. There has been some big bucks taken in said area however none matched his description, BUT a huge nontypical was taken 2 years later that could have been>>>?
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Old 05-16-2007, 07:01 PM
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Default RE: What buck haunts you???

Well let's see.. where should I start?

My 130" miss from the ground about 7 seasons ago..[&:]

My 135" miss from a tree in 2004 on a brand new lease in Wisconsin..[:@]

My encounter with a GIANT B&C in JoDavies county, Illinois in 2003.. less than 25 yards away while I am hunting from the ground.. some idiot decides to walk through the woods at that exact moment.. while drinking a beer..!!!![:@]

My unrecovered 135" whitetail shot in December of 2005.. only recently recovered..

OR.. My other encounter with a B&C at about 25 yards in the winter 0f 2003 in Lake county, Illinois and I don't pull the trigger because it would have been shooting across a fence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![&o]

Thanks to all these bucks for their fond memories, and to 'THE MAN', who just keeps puttin' me down..
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Old 05-16-2007, 07:56 PM
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Default RE: What buck haunts you???


#$*#$& We do not make deer like that where I hunt.
I have seen the Bass Pro travelling deer show and that has got to
be the most mass I have ever seen on a 9 point.

I would like to see the neck of the deer that held that rack high.
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Old 05-16-2007, 08:50 PM
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Default RE: What buck haunts you???

Do we really have to do this?It is to painful!
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