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mauser06 04-13-2007 06:03 PM

draw legnth..
when at full draw i been noticing i have to lower my head towards the string to touch my nose on it and see through the peep. and noticed my bow arm has an exzagerated bend. this is VERY odd because i watched for stuff like that in the summer and fall when i got my bow. ive shot off and on since the season, but the last couple weekends i been coming home and shooting a good bit...gettin back into it religiously.

is it possible that i GREW and my draw legnth needs kicked up from 28 to 28.5 or 29??

the string cant shrink...i dont see anything that would cause it to shorten up. and i tied my own loop right before the season...which is way longer than it needs to be.

im right in thinking my draw legnth needs to be kicked up right?? i know my arm is bent too much and i have to bring my head towards the string. i held my head upright(where it should be right?) and i got about a half inch to an inch before the string would hit my nose how it should.

maybe i always did that and shot to short? i dont know...

what do you guys think?? id legnthen the draw myself...but my rest is all the way back and my arrows barely clear the i gotta wait till i get another set of arrows(long story i had a spine problem and had to cut 2 inches off my shafts..)

nwochuck 04-13-2007 08:30 PM

RE: draw legnth..
I would say you are right but in the same breath say take it to a proshop to make sure.

passthru79 04-13-2007 08:48 PM

RE: draw legnth..
yeah if you can sqeeze out and extra .5 of an inch by all means thats an added 5 fps or so.

archer58 04-13-2007 09:27 PM

RE: draw legnth..
Did your anchor change?

Maybe your peep moved?

Close your eyes and come to full draw. anchor where it's comfortable and then open your eyes. If your peep isn't right there , move it and repeat the steps.
Just a guess w/o seeing you shoot.

Paul L Mohr 04-14-2007 07:35 AM

RE: draw legnth..
Virtually impossible to say without seeing you shoot.

How old are you? If you are a teenager I guess it's possible you grew and need to adjust your bow. If you are in your 20's I higly doubt this is what happened.

And I really don't think your bow got shorter. Longer I would buy, but not shorter. That would be a pretty rare thing right there, unless you messed with it in some way. Did you change your release or adjust it? This can change your percieved draw length. Especially switching from a wrist type release to a hand held release.

Three things I would look at. First you are anchoring different than before, probably lower on your face. Two your nocking point moved on you, probably up the string towards the peep. And three your stance changed, you may be shooting more open now I think. Possibly a combonation of two of these or maybe all three.

You need to have someone watch you shoot and either tweak your form or re-adjust your bow.


mauser06 04-14-2007 08:55 AM

RE: draw legnth..
thanx guys. ill definently have the shop check it.

i just turned 20 recently. i dont know that i grew...but its possible i supposed.

i shot often enough to not change my form or totally forget how to shoot. i tried to shoot atleast one session every week or 2. just recently i been shooting as often as i all feels the same...i think ive just never noticed that i lowered my head so much. if i hold my head straight up and close my eyes and draws the string is a good .5-1inch from the tip of my nose and so is the peep. if i lower my head to touch the string with my nose then open my eyes im looking throgh the peep.

i havent changed anything in my setup. my release and all thats the same.

ill definently have it checked when i get my string later this year..i definently think i might beable to shoot 28.5 or 29. thing is with my reflex it only adjusts in 1 inch rather be short than long...or is it possible for the shop to put it at 28.5 some way???

Paul L Mohr 04-14-2007 10:31 AM

RE: draw legnth..
I don't know what bow you shoot, but sometimes it is difficult to get the proper head position and have your nose touch the string with a short ATA bow and a longer draw length. I had to alter my form slightly to shoot my Mighty Might. I have to anchor slightly higher with this bow than my other bows that are closer to 35 inches ATA. And I only have a 26 inch draw length, so string angle is not a huge issue with me. Now having a 28 inch or more draw length puts a pretty severe string angle on a short ata bow.

Something to keep in mind anyway.

You don't HAVE to touch your nose to the string, I feel it's more important to have proper posture than touching your nose to the string. After all you are using a peep sight, so that should help you line things up in that regard. If it's awkward to put the string on your nose, then don't do it. It will take some getting used to though.


mauser06 04-14-2007 04:41 PM

RE: draw legnth..
thanx paul. i shoot a reflex highlander with a 36" ATA. i just looked at it to see if i could adjust it here just to see..i dont wanna screw with arrows will be too short no reason to. when i get my string ill be buying arrows and be spending the day at the shop getting everything perfect.

i figured you dont NEED to touch the string to your nose...i just really like that. exspecially in the tree stand. if it aint touchin you didnt bend at the waist. so i kinda like that. i just went and drew a couple times to see if i wasnt just doin something diffrent...i definently lower my head an inch or so to get into position. im betting ill be shooting 29....which is kinda short and stocky and thought i had short arms..then again i am 5' 10" just used to everyone being 6' ft plus...we will see in a month or so what the shop says.

Paul L Mohr 04-14-2007 06:26 PM

RE: draw legnth..
With that long of an ATA you should be touching your nose to the string in my opinion. I was talking about 30 inch or so ATA bows and longer draw lengths.

Let us know what you find out.


mauser06 04-14-2007 10:21 PM

RE: draw legnth..
thanx for the info paul. i wont know till the end of may or even june maybe. i wanna get my string and arrows and everything all done at once...and i wont be back to work till the semester is over. figure my 1st or 2nd paycheck ill be at the bowshop. i wont leave till everything is set up to my standards...which are high when it comes to my hunting;)

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