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Changing Hands

Old 12-02-2006, 05:00 PM
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Default Changing Hands

OK. I did a search first to make sure there was not already a thread on Eye Dominance or changing hands and I could not find one. So I am going to ask. Has anyone ever changed from a right handed to a left handed shooter after they found their left eye to be the dominant eye? I have been shooting a bow for 20 + years Right handed, and have given all my huntin' buddies a run for their money in backyard shoot outs, and have taken deer every year I have hunted. But I have always heard and been told you really need to shoot with your dominant eye if you wanted to shoot well. I am thinking about looking into 3-D and wondered if someone out there made the change and if so did it really makes a difference?
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Default RE: Changing Hands

Had a couple guys at our club that had the same problem. They wore a patch over their eye when they would shoot and eventually, from what I am told, it corrects that problem.
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Default RE: Changing Hands

I shoot both bow and gun and do everything else right handed for that matter, and it wasnt until hunter's safety when i was 11 or 12 that i realized i was left eye dominant. I had been shooting for a few years before that, mostly pellet guns and .22's, and had been doing fine. all i do is shut my left eye when im shooting. ive started wearing my glasses when i go hunting because i have a slight astigmatism, and when i close 1 eye it gets worse. the glasses help considerably. I'd try some left handed bows and see if it makes a big difference before going out and buying one. good luck
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Default RE: Changing Hands

My kid is Left eye dominant but shoots right handed. he leans across the scope. I looks real goofy the way he shoots but he is in a half dollar at 100 yards.
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Default RE: Changing Hands

dont switch, if what your doing is working for you now, than why mess it up and in the end get the same results?
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Default RE: Changing Hands

How about just open them both for a full field of view. I see no need to closeone eye with any weapon.
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Default RE: Changing Hands

I am left handed but shoot a bow right handed. I learned that way because I never had a left handed bow. I shoot a gun right handed though. I'm not going to change anything now, I have been doing it that way for to long now.
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Default RE: Changing Hands

I have the same problem left eye dominate but right handed . Ishoot fine right handed closing my left eye so i figure why change . I shoot a gun left handed though and that is what works best for me . I think i could shoot with both eyes open with a lot of practice but I'm happy with the way I'm shooting now
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Default RE: Changing Hands


I started out as a kid shooting right handed but was left eye dominant, did this till I was about 16. I could shoot ok but once dusk came I could not focus as well and my shooting suffered. A friend was a lefty and suggestedI try his spare bow, it took a little bit but soon I was shooting great no matter the conditons.Sold my bow and got a lefty that was 27 years ago. I have been out of bowhunting for 5 or 6 years but am getting back into it this season.


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Default RE: Changing Hands

Sounds to me like you shoot perfectly fine that way. If it's a problem though, just wear an eye patch.
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