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 Am I being unfair??? (long story) >

Am I being unfair??? (long story)

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Am I being unfair??? (long story)

Old 10-19-2006, 10:11 AM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

No, I left something out. I have the only archery either sex tag. He has only a doe tag since his buck tag is for area 1 in western KS.
If im getting this right, he killed a doe and he had a doe tag, So he didnt fill your tag. Who cares what he did with his deer. He killed it he owns it. This whole story sounds like maybe you should take up another sport. Your a supervisor so you mightbe used to people doing your work foryou, in the woods you aregoing to have do your own work. Your co-worker did nothing wrong.I could probably ramble for an hour about whatan a$$hole you might be but it doesntseem worth it. Tell your buddy congrats on the kill.
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Old 10-19-2006, 11:29 AM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

ORIGINAL: chestnuts

Let me tell you something, it is no fun sitting 20ft in the air with your a$$ trying to sit on a board that measures less then 6" X 9" with no paddingwhen you weigh 300lbs.
Sounds like you need a new stand, or maybe a new hobby.
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Old 10-19-2006, 12:42 PM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

Mr nuts, you are being way to uptight about this, you need to relax. one day you might even realize its not allabout the kill.

please tell me you arent this uptight with the rest of "your" employees.
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Old 10-19-2006, 01:20 PM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

Sounds like they've pretty much covered it. You shouldn't have expected him to not shoot the deer and you really couldn't reasonably expect the same deer to offer you a shot several hundred yards away across a field. As long as he's using his own tag he did nothing anybody else wouldn't do.

I understand that you're new to hunting so I'll cut you some slack and just say that if you invite somebody to hunt with you then they have just as much right to shoot a deer as you do. Regardless who obtained permission to hunt the land you both made the hour and a half drive and you both sat on stand, you've both made the investment and deserve the chance to reap the rewards if given.

My suggestion to hopefully help you acheive your goal would be as follows:

Do some reading on scent control. It doesn't sound like you hunted the location enough to say that your friend saw deer and you didn't because you did something wrong but I think it's safe to say that scent control is one of the most important parts of bow hunting and as a rookie you probably aren't doing all you can or should.

Get yourself a stand of your own. One that you feel comfortable will support your weight. There are many out there rated above 300lbs. You can't always rely on the landowner to have stands set-up for you and if you do you don't really have any room to complain if they aren't sturdy enough or comfortable enough for you. Get your own and not only will those problems be solved but you'll be able to put your stand wherever you want.

Good luck, I hope you get that first deer under your belt this year. Just remember archery hunting requires patience and perseverence.
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Old 10-19-2006, 02:56 PM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

Sounds to me you are being a little self-centered on this matter. If you invite someone to come hunting with you then you should enjoy the experience of the hunt together. It isn't about who gets what. You should have been happy for him and congratulated him. Just because you are his boss at work doesn't mean he is your employee while hunting. I also have several employees and a few I do some things with outside of work. They understand work is work and play is play. You should treat him as a friend outside of work and not begrudge him for his kill. Sounds to me that you should take some lessons from him since you are new to hunting. I wouldn't alienate him just because he killed one and you didn't.

I think you made the wrong move. You made yourself sound like an immature spoiled brat in my humble opinion. And to think, you are supposed to be a leader by setting the example.
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Old 10-19-2006, 03:04 PM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

You are being petty about everything but him not offering you some meat. If he is expecting to hunt using your doe tag then he's wrong about that too. I would just get used to being disappointed about taking deer and difficult weather conditions because face it, that's about 90% of hunting. I would just tell him it would be considerate on his part to offer you a portion of the doe. Seems like common courtesy. You sound like a friend that told me once I was cutting off "His" deer when I put up a stand 400 yards from his on a hillside, when he was my guest! Stop being bitter and enjoy the hunt.
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Old 10-19-2006, 03:18 PM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

ORIGINAL: 442deer

Relax and go huntin. You never know where they are going to come from. This is about having fun
Also I'd harvest my own deer but I have donated some deer before and given some to fellow co-workers who don't hunt but like venision. If the landowner wants some doe thinned/managed your on the right track to balance out the ratio. But I would not give anyone my tags, you shoot it you tag it. I'm a big guy also, plenty of ladder stands out there and climbers like summit goliath to support us big guys
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Old 10-19-2006, 07:15 PM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

1)I was excited for him to harvest a deer. Itook pictures with my camera phoneso he would have photos to show his wife.I even helped him track the damn thingcuz he lost site of it!!!Theonly real regret I have is not being able to see him shot the doe.I think watchingthe shot in person is much more exciting then watching it on TV.I sort of understand the rush you get when a deer presents itself. Watching that little buckgave mea tasteof it.

2) He had, as it was put to me by F&G, an "any legal means" doe tag. I have one also.
Yes, hestarted to shot at the second doe before she ran off and was going to have me put my tag on it.
NO, I would not put my tagon a deer thatwasnot shot by me. We had this discussion both days. I thought I had made myself clear that I would not tag any deer he shot. Especially that "fork horn" buck that he started to draw on.

3)I believe he has taken 3 does with his bow.

4) Hesaid that he washelping me to get my first deer. YES, I expected him to help with things like shot placement, gutting, skinning, tracking. Maybe even sit with me and coach. Hunting mentor?? Probably more then a deer hunting buddy. We huntedturkeythis spring togetherand shot our first turkeys at the same time. Was I mad when he got shot his second turkey without me, NO. I was disappointed that Idid not fill my second tag even tho I took the last day of the spring season off work and worked my butt off on public land.

5) Even tho I cannot fit into the harness, I have a ladder tree stand.Did not have it with us on Saturday and we figured it would scare off the deer if we were to put it up Sunday morning.

6)Scent control --Yes, I have washed several sets of clothes with no scent laundry soap. I spray Earth cover scent on my before I head to the field. Am I missing something -- absolutely. After all, I am a beginner and there is bound to be something I miss besides a deer.

7)As far as hunting too far from home. I live in one of the only counties that has absolutely no public hunting area. The farmers around here refuse to allow anyone to hunt their lands. There seem to be "No Hunting" and "No Trespassing" signs everywhere

8)To all you A$$HOLES out there thatattack me and accuse me of being a bad supervisor, well...let me just say: I have not done anything to him this week. In fact I tried to start a polite conversation with him today at lunch (non-work relatedand off the clock)and he really did not want to talk to me. I have given him his space, butexpected him to do his work when he was given instructions. Since work is slow this week, I just gave him a list of the jobs that needed completed each day and then checked upto make sure those jobs were done. That is in no way different from what I do any other day. There just was no BS'ing about anything else.

After re-reading my first post, I found that what I said is not what I intended to mean. When I said, "I told him that that I would go back down this weekend, but that if he got another doe and I cameback empty handed that I would not take him down there again." What I meant was that I would not go hunt that land with him again. Did I mean that when I talked to him, YES. Did Iuse those words exactly, I cannot remember. Some of you have pointed out that we both have permission to hunt the land to the south, so he can go down there whenever/if he wants. I have no intention of even trying to stop him.

As far as work, we have always been able to leave it there. This is the first time anything non work related has caused a problem.

Will I still bow hunt, YES!!!!!
Will I hunt with him again?? I will have to wait and seewhat he says.

What has this post taught me....never ask for advice like this from here again. Too many of you have negative views about everyone. I also see that hunting brings out the worst in some people.

To those of you whom gave positive advice and took up for me, I thank you. I hope to one day meet you in the woods to shake you hand.

Thank You,
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Old 10-19-2006, 07:32 PM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

What has this post taught me....never ask for advice like this from here again.
That's a shame. Generally advice on here (if there is enough interest in the post) will always be accurate as was the advice you were generally given. Just because members here don't "take up for you", doesn't mean that they do not have objectivity. You seem like a novice hunter who needs to relax and just enjoy being outdoors and learn to be SELF Sufficient. Of course, one of the best ways to learn is to hunt with someone who has more experience, but, if you chose a particular partner and he doesn't do exactly what you want then either you need to communicate better, grow-up, orfind a new partner (if possible).

I really hope you don't quit hunting, but that you take a step back and look at the big picture and just try to learn what you can and enjoy yourself.
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Old 10-19-2006, 07:36 PM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

Yes, grow up!
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