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what would you do??

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what would you do??

Old 10-18-2006, 06:52 PM
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Default what would you do??

so a few days ago a got lucky and got permission to hunt a 100 acre parcel of land that has really recieved no hunting pressure in atleast 25 years. The layout is basically two old farmers feilds that have just gone wild. there is scattered clumbs of bushes and a few small trees, seperating the two feilds is a thin tree line with many mature trees. north side is a thin woods maybe 150 yards wide which they own up to the tree line, south side is the same. Now on the east side is a development with a very thin tree line. Now my question. there is NO climbing trees and everytime i have sat on the ground i get pinned, or smelled. i dont consider my self a bad hunter and take every precaution i can but always get spotted. So i want to get in the trees but there is no climbing trees. so a hang on is next. well i have no idea where the dear com from or were they go, all i know is that there are some really nice ones. so is thereany way to go portable with a hang on, without going through the whole process of screw in steps to find out your not in a good spot and disturb everything, so i thought about them strap on ladders, but was talked out of them saying they are a pain in the but and not worth it. so sorry for rambling but what would be your suggestions.

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Old 10-18-2006, 07:02 PM
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Default RE: what would you do??

You can do it with climbing sticks, or rapid Rails or something like that. You could also invest a few dollars in a nice ladder stand that is quite mobile and you say you wouldn't have to move it far. It might be good to just stand off a couple morning with binos and see where deer are and where they go at first and last light see where they come from. Find the best trails and hunt them. I would think away from the hedge by the houses. I'd look at being in the hedgerow trees separating the two fields but close to the big woods. That way you'd have two corners(one in each field) covered. Deer will probably pass through along that center hedgerow, great travel corridor probably. Of course, being on the ground might tell me something entirely different. Can you get permission to hunt the edges of the big woods at the ends of the fields. If not, my next best bet would be the field edge furthest from the houses. Although, if you stand back and watch or drive through the neighborhood before daylight and after all are asleep you'll probably find deer dining on people shurbs and lawns, especially if they have some big oaks or apple trees.
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Old 10-18-2006, 07:08 PM
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Default RE: what would you do??

whenever you set on the ground, do you just set there or have a blind. the pop up blinds work real good. about 70 dollars for a nice one and helps conceal scent, movement, and keeps you warm too. Also they are portable. good luck
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Old 10-18-2006, 08:56 PM
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Default RE: what would you do??

Get one of those $50 ladder stands they sell at Dicks on sale now and then. Unless you weigh 300 lbs. I love them because they are pretty light and easy to move. IE set it up once, watch deer, next night go 30 minutes early to move your ladder stand and hunt in same day.

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Default RE: what would you do??

What's diameter of the skinny trees. My stand climbs trees 8". I've been 20+ feet in them. It's a tricky shot but can be done.
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Default RE: what would you do??


Keep the wind in mind go to the farthestcorner of your hunting area that has the best view. Buy some pole climbers and a light stand and set up once in the morning and once in th evening. Bino the hole time in the stand. I have even used aluminum ladders to get to my stands. Any way to get up there. Dont trim trees or anything like that you are just scouting when you find there routes set up there with the wind in your favor and nail one. Remember the higher you go the more you can see. Make sure the wind is in your favor when you scout. Good Luck
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