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iNDIANA DNR to allow pistols during archery season

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iNDIANA DNR to allow pistols during archery season

Old 03-29-2007, 05:48 PM
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Default RE: iNDIANA DNR to allow pistols during archery season

Driving is a privilage also.You have the right to carry a hand gun in your vehicle while driving,provided you are not on restricted land.

Ky has the same rediculious law against carrying while bowhunting.

You have a RIGHT to protect yourself,against people or animals.

A poacher is a poacher and will break the law regardless.
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Old 03-29-2007, 06:12 PM
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Default RE: iNDIANA DNR to allow pistols during archery season

Yeah you got the right to bear arms, but not in all situations.
Wow you sound like a liberal trying to take away my guns, welcome to the forum Jim Zumbo. In caseyou dont remeber or never heard about the Jim Zumbo fiasco. He basically said assualt rifles have no purpose in hunting, and basically had the same position as you do on guns. http://www.wildlife.utah.gov/forums/...ic.php?t=20073
But as a side note, what the heck does ANY Hoosier need a pistol for in the woods? There is absolutely NOTHING in any part of Indiana that is going to threaten their lives in the woods, unless it's a person, and you can take them out with a well placed broadhead anyway. I can see this being a sensible rule in states with bear and mountain lion populations, but INDIANA??? We have NOTHING threatening here...
Please refer to this thread http://www.huntingnet.com/forum/tm.aspx?m=2059006

Here in Utah if you have a CCW permit then you can carry while you are bowhunting. I dont see the problem with carry a pistol when bowhunting. Anybody that is going to poach will do it no matter what the rules say.
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Old 03-29-2007, 06:22 PM
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Default RE: iNDIANA DNR to allow pistols during archery season

ORIGINAL: quiksilver

I'll never understand how any bowhunter could view this as a good thing.
It's our Constitutional right .... how could that be a bad thing?

I wish I knew what a lot of you guys are afraid of.
um .... losingour 2nd ammendmet rights....

poaching pistol
why would you call it that?

Congratulations guys, you just took the teeth right out of your own law enforcement, andmade it easier on the criminal to do what he does best.
you have got to be kidding Fran ...... AYe yai yai ...
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Old 03-29-2007, 06:37 PM
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Default RE: iNDIANA DNR to allow pistols during archery season

Didn't read all the posts but I think its a great idea. It's legal here in Texas to carry during archery season if you have a CHL, which I do. Like others said, if someone's going to break the law and shoot critters out of season, why would they care whether they were packing legally.
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Old 03-30-2007, 12:22 AM
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Default RE: iNDIANA DNR to allow pistols during archery season

Hate to tell ya quicky......but ummmm......THE deadliest critter in the woods is a human....and i have NO intention of running afoul of such a nasty critter without proper defenses. Braodhead tipped arrows, knife, combat boots and cell phone arepoor defense against a crack'd out, meth'd up scum bag looking to cash in on my hard earned gear.(by the by, fighting the meth scourgeis bankrupting our rural counties here in NorthernIN.....so, i dare say "the boogie man" is REAL)I pray you never are forced to learn what it is "the lot of us guys are afraid of" as its a HARD lesson...........and in alot of cases......fatal.

Also....here in N.E. Indiana 'yotes are a pest....as are feral cats.....and i wouldnt hesitate to dump either with my pistol on stand. Even if it meant ruining my days hunt.

OH......one more thing.......yer dern tootin i clamor (but not blindly) for my RIGHT to carry a firearm....methinks the teeth NEED pulled from LEO and Govt when it comes to stepping on the toes of LAW abiding CITIZENS of these United States........a supposedly FREE society. When and where did we lose sight of the fact that laws are meant to punish those that do wrong..........not PREVENT folk from doing wrong.

sorry........just MY $.02.......but my hackles and dewlaps get all up when folk just dont get it when it comes to my RIGHTS.

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Old 03-30-2007, 04:39 AM
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Default RE: iNDIANA DNR to allow pistols during archery season


I DO respect your views on this....and I ALSO agree that it WILL, likely, lead to additional poaching.

That being said (and I'll word this in FAR less inflammatory language than you did).....I just don't want to become "a" "statistic". NC (some parts of our state) has a healthy black bear population. Black bears are a "little" different than their other bear brethren. A grizzly or brown bear will attack (or defend itself...likely in its' eyes).....until it thinks you are subdued. It'll then SOMETIMES leave you there.....thinking it'll come back later for the meal. A black bear won't do that. HE'LL EAT YOU RIGHT THERE.

No bears, where I hunt, here in NC. I don't carry. I've hunted VA and WV with a friend, though.....and hunted down East in NC, last year.

Let's just use a "hypothetical"........

If I WERE going to go into the woods .....into a place where I wasn't exactly on the top of the (in THEIR element) food chain........I WOULD NOT let a line on a piece of paper stop me from protecting myself. I WOULD go in packing.

I respect the animals I'm pursuing WAY too much to consider shooting AT one with a pistol or ANY OTHER weapon that is not in season. But....i will protect my LIFE by ANY means accessible to me.


I think the law is being amended to aid law-abiding citizens, like me. Will it be abused, by some? Likely.
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Old 03-30-2007, 06:41 AM
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Default RE: iNDIANA DNR to allow pistols during archery season

Yeah, FMJ, because I ALWAYS see meth'ed out crackheads from my treestand. Matter of fact, on the last day of the PA season, I had a herd of drug addicts come out into the soybean field feeding, but I was able to stay undetected. Later, a yearling crackhead sneaked in behind me to feed in the acorns. I'm totally lucky to be alive right now. LMAO

You guys are too much. Are you guys really that afraid of people? Come on. You're all big boys.

Jeff - I hunt black bear infested woods, and I've been doing it for years. In 16 years, I was run by a blackie ONCE, and apistol wouldn't have helped. I almost stepped right on a cub, who was hunkered down along a logging trail. The cub finally spooked when I got too close for comfort, then wound up getting hung up in some grapevines, and it started bawling. Momma, whomaybe 30 yardsoff the path,charged. I had about 3 seconds to move before I got hit. You guys have no idea how fast a charging black bear is, especially those of you who think you're going to be able to shoot it before it gets you. That's comical.

There was no time to think, no time to dig in the holster, no time to do anything except run. If you know black bears, you know that you just need to clear the cub, and you're safe, so I made it about 10 yards before she was on the trail, popping her jaws, loping and swinging her head,eyeballing me from about 5-10 yards away. She was between me and the cub.She didn't want to fight. She didn't want to do anything except push me away from the cub. She did, and I walked away. This was turkey season, and I had my turkey gun in my hands - never once did even the thought of using the gun enter my mind - there was no time. I didn't even realize that I was armed until I was already a safe distance away. If I'd have shot that bear, it would have been out of spite, not in self-defense. The danger was over by the time I drew a bead on her.

I realized, that if it were dark, I was getting slammed. No if's, and's, or but's about it. A pistol will not help you. You'll just hear the brush cracking, maybe catch a glint of an eye in the flashlight beam, a flash of black, and you're getting pounded. Your best defense against an angry sow is your vision. If you go in in the dark, carry at least two flashlights, watch your sidesand make noise. If you're smart, you'll wait until daylight.

Truthfully, by fall, the cubs are a little bigger and a little wiser, so they can steer clear of danger on their own. In the spring is when you're most at-risk of sow attack. The cubs are tiny, and their natural instinct is to hide as danger approaches. You can almost step right on them. You can carry your sidearm in spring turkey season anyway.

If you're afraid of bears, I'd recommend one of two options - find a new, bear-free, spot to bow hunt, or wait until daylight to walk in. A pistol isn't gonna help you. I can tell you that for sure.
__________________________________________________ _
On this whole gun law thing, I'm just saying that we should draw the line at a different point.

You guys obviously wouldn't support a "right" to carry deer rifles for "self defense" in archery season, right? We all know why. None of us would trust guys to sit in their treestand and "archery hunt" with their 7mm Magnum hanging on the hook. You just can't trust people. I can't, at least.

But, y'all are willing to concede that bowhunters should be able to carry a self-defense mechanism. OK. I don't see the need, but if you're afraid, that's fine.

I'm just saying that we draw the line at a pistol that is useful as a self-defender only. Something with a barrel less than 6" or with no scope.

I just don't feel comfortable allowing some scumbag to "bowhunt" with his "self defense" single shot T/C .223 13" bull, fluted bbl, with a leo 3-9x scope on his side. Some of these pistols are on par with a stocked rifle. So, if you're NOT willing to allow guys to "defend" themselves with a rifle, then why would you let them "defend" themselves with a pistol that's essentially the same as a rifle.

That's my point.

A T/C Encore with a 13" bull, fluted barrel, bipods and a Leo 3-9x scope is technically a "handgun," but is it REALLY a "handgun" for the purposes of a concealed carry permit? My answer is unequivocally "no."

Look, if you want to bowhunt with a snub-nosed .38 on your hip, have at it. I just don't want to see some sleezeball out there with a .308 Savage Striker for "self defense."

That's my point.

Maybe we all need to step back and have our legislators refine the definition of "handgun" for the purposes of hunting-related activities.

Maybe since "poachers will be poachers no matter what" we should just eliminate all hunting laws, since they don't deter criminal behavior anyway.LOL
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Default RE: iNDIANA DNR to allow pistols during archery season

I understand your points Quick and I agree that it could get out of hand.


It appears to me that it is more important to some to create laws to keep poachers as honest as possible while restricting or compromising our 2nd amendment. I disagree with this take. I strongly feel that outlaws will continue to poach regardless of what the law allows. Sure there might be some unethical hunters that take advantage, but it that worse than restricting the right to bear arms for law abiding citizens?

I know it's not that big a deal now, but these types of things snowball over time and before you know it, you have lost your rights. It's called CREEPING INCREMENTALISM.

A law is created to "keep us safe" or to make it harder for poachers to poach. On the surface it makes some sense and hell, we really have no dangerous animalsin the woods, so why not? Right? Well that's the start and the lawscontinue to creep and creep until one day you are on the brink of loosing your rights in an unimaginable way. This is not just with guns. Look around at the righs we sacrifice for the betterment of one thing or another.

In Calif (one of the liberal cities) not sure which one, they are in a position to pass a law that says you cannot smoke in your ownhouse or car if you have kids under a certain age! How do you think it got to that point? 20 years ago when smoking restrictions were being put in place, how do you think the public would have reacted if they knew this is where it would end up?

First it's a certain kind of gun that you cannot own (Fully auto...because why are they good for? You can't hunt with them.......right?)

Next it's your hand gun, because they are involved in so much crime. Eliminating them would keep us safe.............right?

Wham...before you know it they are after your hunting guns, because there is no real need to hunt anymore and with all of the deaths that happen with hunting guns it's in our best interest to have this restriction this as well........right?

The first two laws make more sense to most, but that is how creeps up on us and without the first 2, the third would never happen.

I am all for keeping people honest, but not I am not for giving up any rights to do so. It's a very slippery slope and once we start sliding, it will be hard to stop.....

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Default Pistols

Originally Posted by Buck Huntin Girl View Post
I'm from Indiana too... maybe they will attempt to or take a deer with their handguns, but if they are doing that, they are poaching anyway... you'll never know about it because the chances of them trying to pull that over at a check station is next to nil.

I'm sure it will be enticing for them if that buck is just out of reach for a bow, but like I said... it isn't going to matter anyway, anyone who would take a deer with a pistol during archery season is likely to bend and break the rules in other ways.... poacher.

But as a side note, what the heck does ANY Hoosier need a pistol for in the woods? There is absolutely NOTHING in any part of Indiana that is going to threaten their lives in the woods, unless it's a person, and you can take them out with a well placed broadhead anyway. I can see this being a sensible rule in states with bear and mountain lion populations, but INDIANA??? We have NOTHING threatening here...

I have killed well over 30 coyotes with a handgun during my years hunting deer with my bow
Over infested quail and turkey deveatating dirt bag animals
I'll gladly shoot a yote every chance I get
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Originally Posted by huntingson View Post
That caliber of another's character is unknown. The caliber of my handgun is certain.
Now that's funny!!! Make mine 45 or 10mm!!!! Depends on which holster I grab!!!
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Quick Reply: iNDIANA DNR to allow pistols during archery season

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