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usahoe18 09-28-2006 01:28 PM

What happened yesterday bowhunting
Saw 5 bucks in piedmont region of NC. Think I got winded because one 8 pointer took off, and then the rest followed. They didn't blow at me, or didnt flag white tails up while running off. The wind was blowing somewhat the way they were in. What do I need to do? I'm thinking about going in there today and trying them again. Have seen them 2 days in a row in the same place around 7pm. I am using scent free soap as well as spraying scent free spray on clothes to kill my scent. Is there any other things I could use to cover my scent up? I'm thinking Tinks 69 or something like that. I know its not the rut yet, so I'm very hesitant to use deer piss.

By the way, I don't think the big boy smelled me, just the smaller 8. The others just followed him when he took off.

usahoe18 09-28-2006 01:30 PM

RE: What happened yesterday bowhunting
Forgot to mention, 4 of the bucks were in bachelor groups. Day before I hunted them, 2 were in field fighting.

Should I go back in there today and try again? The wind is harder today and blowing in same direction.

Ray Hunter 42 09-28-2006 01:35 PM

RE: What happened yesterday bowhunting
Well the only thing i would do if there coming there every day dont hunt it untill the wind is perfect. Being winded may make those deer very wary and not comin. Like they may just go around that spot . So i wouldnt hunt it untill its gonna be perfect. And i wouldnt use estrus scents yet.

like i have a great spot on bublic land that no one hunts. Its like a good size thicket with this like 40 by 60 yd wide opening in it. So im right in there bedding area! But i went there monday wind was good and i saw 4 doe that came about 25 yds away, then i hunted yesterday and the wind was perfect untill like 5 o clock, then it git unperfect. And i didnt see any deer. But now im not sure if ishould hunt there today or not since my scent was in there yesterday, but today the wind is perfect and supose to stay perfect for the whole night, and its gonna rain all night (after 10 or so) and all day tommrow so i think theyw ill be moving today.

But what im tryin to say is if you hunt it on the wrong wind you are taking a chance that the deer may not use that area for a while.

usahoe18 09-28-2006 01:40 PM

RE: What happened yesterday bowhunting
Where I'm at, I'm 40 yds off the road. From where they are coming from, I'm 95% sure they are crossing the road around 7pm to get into the bean field. I've seen them at the same place several times in the middle of the day!!! Where they are coming from, there isn't enough woods for them to bed in on the side of the road, so I know they're coming from accross the road, leaving their bedding area which is a thicket.

I'm also worried when they start splitting up from the bachelor groups, the big one will turn nocturnal and I want see him anymore. I've got him patterened very well now, and I just don't want to lose a great opportunity.

DaveC 09-28-2006 01:42 PM

RE: What happened yesterday bowhunting
Trying to hunt with the wind to your back will be hard to pull off since there are other items in you bag of goodies giving off odor.
Your breath, bow, release, arrows, pack, quiver, wristwatchetc.

You can spray it all down, soak it, clean it, dry it. But I don't ever think you can get it all 100% scent free.

Tinks 69 is not a cover scent. It's a doe in heat scent.

If you are looking for a cover scent I'd start with earth spray, then coon pee, then fox pee, then if all else fails plenty of hunters swear by skunk spray- I just can't stomach the smell no matter how well it works[:'(].

At least you are hunting & seeing bucks- anyway to set up DOWNwind of where you are seeing them?
If they are coming in like you say even crouched behind a tree or bush would be a good option as long as it was downwind.

Good luck!

usahoe18 09-28-2006 01:43 PM

RE: What happened yesterday bowhunting
The only way to get downwind, I would have to sit on the ground

DaveC 09-28-2006 01:52 PM

RE: What happened yesterday bowhunting
Is there any tall weeds or background cover available?

Is this land you can dig on w/ out pissing someone off?

If so you can take a sharpshooter and dig a pit blind just big enough for your feet to fit in up to your knees. You sit on mother earth with your feet in the holes. This lowers your upper body to ground level without the use of a chair. Throw on some leafy wear and HUNT!
It helps if you are in front of or slightly inside of a bush tall enough to cover your profile.

Itried it once and had 2 does about walk over me[8D].

Given the need I'll do it again.

If none of that is remotely possible, wait for the wind to turn or dowse yourself in skunk spray if you can't stand to wait.

Good luck!

usahoe18 09-28-2006 01:57 PM

RE: What happened yesterday bowhunting
Where I need to set up is prob 100 yds from a house and 30 yds max off the road. I can see cars going by. I don't want anybody to see me

mofireman 09-28-2006 02:04 PM

RE: What happened yesterday bowhunting
I really think the best advice has already been given, and that is to wait until the wind is right to hunt the area! You sound excited right now because you kind of have them semi-patterned. Believe me, I know how you feel. We all do. But if you go in there again with the wrong wind, and are fortunate enough to get them to come in again, if they wind you tonight you could screw up your chances for good in that area!! I don't think I could risk that happening myself.

You need to find somewhere else along their route to setup on them where the wind is in your favor! Period!!

Just my advice!!

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