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 does anyone else shoot this way? >

does anyone else shoot this way?

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does anyone else shoot this way?

Old 09-10-2006, 08:12 PM
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Default does anyone else shoot this way?

My friend introduced me to this method of shooting he has been using for years. It takes alot of guess work out of the shot. It requires some experimenting to set up, but it has proved itself to work over and over for me and him.

My bow is a tribute at 70 lbs and shooting 400gr arrows at a 28 inch draw.
I can use 1 pin sighted in at 40 yrds fron 0- 40 yrds with perfect shot placement every time and aiming at the same spot except at 40 I would aim slightly higher.
If I aim right at the bottom of the belly where it meets the front leg every shot will be double lunged or a heart shot while broadside. Quartering away I would aim further back according to the angle.

Now on my friends bow he has to use a pin for 30 yrds and can use it from 0- 30. He shoots an allegiance at 62 lbs with a 26 inch draw and 400 grn aroows. Its slightly slower than mine resulting in the loss of distance.

Do everyone follow me or does anyone else do this?

I am excited to use it. I feel it will eliminate any guess work.

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Old 09-10-2006, 08:15 PM
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Default RE: does anyone else shoot this way?

i cant my bow is too slow, 300ibo 60lbs and 28in
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Old 09-10-2006, 09:17 PM
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Default RE: does anyone else shoot this way?

If I understand correctly your aiming at one spot everydistance (bottom of deers belly behind front leg). I'm not sure how fast your bow is shooting but I would have to guess that at 15 yards your just barely catching the top of the lungs at best. You can shoot however you want or whatever works for you but I would suggest picking one spot you want to hit at every distance and aiming accordingly to hit that spot. My hunting bow is slow due to heavy arrows but even when shooting 290 fps with my 3-D bow there was about an 1 1/2'' difference between 15 and 20 yards. I guess what concerns me are those close shots using your method. I'm afraid your going to hit high, anda high hit on a deer from a tree stand is no good because what looks like the deers belly from 15 to 20 feet up isn't because of the sharp angle of the close up shot. I would suggest practicing out of a tree at a 3-D target, then climbing down and looking at the angle of your arrows in the target and make your best judgement on whether it would hit the lungs or not. Hope this didn't come off as being rude, just stating my concerns.
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Old 09-10-2006, 09:45 PM
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Default RE: does anyone else shoot this way?

I did not take it as rude at all. I understand your concern and I also would not want to take a marginal shot.

I did shoot out of a stand already from 5 yrds out to 40 yrds and I had my friend inspect entrance and exits and all were perfect shots. heart and or double lung. None were marginal at all.

I noticed today that when I shot from the ground at 20 yrds. I put my 40 yrd pin at the same point(bottom of belly and just behind front shoulder) and my 20 yrd pin was dead center of the lungs. at 15 yrds my POI is virtually identical as 20 yrds.
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Old 09-11-2006, 12:31 AM
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Default RE: does anyone else shoot this way?

I have been using the same method for years very successfully. I set my bow up by using a 6” circle as a target I put a ½” dot at the bottom just outside the circle and use that as my point of aim. Then starting at 3 yards I take my first shot. I walk back approximately 5 yards and shoot another arrow I keep shooting and moving back until I am hitting out side of the circle. If at any time I shoot high of the circle I will raise my sight and start over. I do this until I can shoot with the top of my arc being at the top of the circle and then continue to shoot while walking back until I am hitting the black dot again.
While hunting I will aim for what I feel is a low heart shot. For me this will take me out to 30 yards with a single pin. From a tree stand anything past 30 some yards and I will shoot under the deer anything less will be either lungs or heart shot. My bow hits dead on at 28 yards shooting from the ground.
The only problem I have is while shooting at small game you either have to set new pins or use the guesstamation method
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