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Favorite stand names

Old 09-07-2006, 04:41 PM
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Default RE: Favorite stand names

ORIGINAL: kenman

I'm sure I'm not the only one that names their stand locations. I can tell my buddies "I am hunting _______ today, and they know exactly where I am gonna be. Some of my 'hall of fame' stand names are...

1) trick knob...bucks would bust us every time walking into this place until we figured it out. Now it is good for at least one hat-racker a year.

2) double buck...while hanging a tree stand, 2 six pointers walked within ten yards of me. I've killed several deer and a bear in this spot.

3) bullwinkle...had a big ole bull moose lay right at the base of my tree, no matter what I did he wouldn't move.

4) burning tree...a big ole hemlock tree got popped by lightning. It literally smoldered fora week. On one particularly windy day you could look inside a knothole and see the insides glowing orange.

What have you named your 'honey holes'?
"I'm hunting the Matrix at the 'honeyhole'."

"I'm hunting the T5 at the rock stand."

That's my 2 spots
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Default RE: Favorite stand names


My favorites have to beThe Office, Bucknut, Bloody Finger, and The Turd Stand.
The Turd stand... ? I'm not even gonna ask.

The Condo (huge homemade box stand)
The softball field (food plot is shaped like a softball field & about the same size too)
Papa's stand (build for my late Grandfather, God rest his precious soul)
The dog stand (one season we shot 8 coyotes & 2 wild dogs off of it)
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Default RE: Favorite stand names

Turd Hill
Bear rock
grampas stand
The wiki-up (sp?)
The goose pond dam

the reverse murphy (a dog run)
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Default RE: Favorite stand names

The 4 trees I have stands in are my "honey hole", "Pin Oak", "White Pine", and "Hedge Row".
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Default RE: Favorite stand names

nose bleed
queen killer
buket stand swamp stand
hardwood stand
coon stand
big oak
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Default RE: Favorite stand names

I only have one named stand:

The Mall - A great spot where I almost always see deer.Ioften see deer or groups of deer coming from different directions into this spot, and they seem to like to check each other out there. Reminds me of the Mall in Junior High.
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Default RE: Favorite stand names

My "Buck stand" I always see or shoot a buck out of it.

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Default RE: Favorite stand names

some goofy names out there thats cool
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Default RE: Favorite stand names

At my camp I have "Rickidy Stand" because it moves in the wind and
the "roller coaster" because the trail getting to it is uphill then downhill then uphill and back and forth.
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Default RE: Favorite stand names

#1 the watchtower because its 26 feet in a limbed out pine
#2 the asassinator homemade platform my buddy made pretty sweet stand
#3 the leaning tower speaks for it self
#4 the hotel a platform stand in an oak tre that splits about 15 feet up and can fit 3 people
#5 watchtop pine

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